John King's Eggtart! (Review)

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John King @ LG Floor in Plaza Lowyat
Famous Hong Kong Egg Tarts Oven fresh and piping hot Hong Kong egg tarts all the time, every time! Only from the famous John King, now at the LG floor. You don’t have to go far to bite into the aromatic smoothies of egg, durian or milk custards on crispy pastries. Grab a box or two now!

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Da Review...

The egg tart is as big as the box!!! LOL~ Just kidding, camera trick only :p

It was my first time trying John King's egg tart and the 2nd time eating egg tart in KL. First was in Giant, Batu Caves. As a big fan of egg tart since I was a kid, I always choose to buy egg tart rather than buns each time i step foot into any bakery shops. So this time, my partner Fariz actually bought 10 egg tarts for lunch in Plaza Lowyat. It was the 2nd time eating so many egg tarts after one of my friend's birthday in KK, we actually bought the exact amount of egg tarts based on her age that time. That was such a sweet memory....

Anyway, back to the review. We bought a box of six and a box of four. There was a promotion so the box of six is selling at RM9.50 and the box of four is selling at RM6.50. The normal price for the egg tarts are ranging from RM1.60-2.50 according on the various flavor.

I chose the crispy cookie pastry and normal pastry durian flavored while my friend chose the original and cookie pastry egg tarts.

Can see the black spot on the egg tarts? That's where they hide the durian, actually it's only a small portion but the smell really strong leh... :)

The taste of the egg tart is good, I really enjoy eating the crispy cookie pastry. Very crispy indeed but too bad it is just too oily for me. The durian one taste just nice, not too sweet so it's almost perfect for me. Hope it can be warmer next time. Some prefer eating cold egg tart but I prefer eating hot from oven egg tarts more!

Da Rating...

4.5 over 5!



  1. egg tart look delicious lor...keke..where have outlet?

  2. I had this one before!! Superbly nice can! They have so many flavours that it's sometimes hard to choose! But i think nothing beats the ori one lah.

    Sorry ya for replying late. Just only finished my exams. MERDEKA!!!

  3. OMG!super mouth watering!

    Thanks for smiling at my ads, I'll smile back, when there's available.

  4. I want egg tart also.. so delicious i see.. yurmm.. yurmm...



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