Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) Part 2

My apologies to many blog readers and bloggers who have been asking me for update. I has been slacking for the whole week but been quite active in Facebook though :P Anyway, let's cut the story short and continue from day 8 onward ok?

Day 8:
After watching Avatar the movie in 1Borneo, I stayed overnight at Dan's place and I barely wake up in the morning... so I snoozed until 12pm and went to Kedai Kopi Jia Xiang at Lintas for lunch. My all time favorite San Yuk Mee... ahh... I was too hungry that I forgot to snap a photo of it.

An image of the exact noodle I was talking about taken from the internet :)

At night, I met my photography buddies a very famous mamak shop in Lintas, Salim.
Really miss Gerry, Raymond and Elfoot a lot. I always go shooting with them a year plus ago when I was still working in KK.

MSJ and the gang....

Day 9:
In the morning, I accompanied Elfoot to City Mall to a little shopping and then we went to Taman Cantek near Lido for some laksa noodle. It was nice! Almost the same taste when I 1st eat there during year 2008. Now is 2010... they actually moved to the next shop lot and I almost went in to the wrong shop. LOL~

After that I went to help out CK and Jono on the lighting for tomorrow's skit for Chinese Cell Christmas Celebration in D'Gap Baptist Church.

Day 10:
The Chinese Cell Christmas Celebration
Some photos I took during the event..... (too lazy to edit... haha!)

Fellowship time!

The girls.. haha...

The new Korean Band.... SUPER SENIOR! LOL! XD

Wonder-Christian girls!

The couple dance performance, "All I want for Christmas is you!"

The skit, "Everything"

Come give me a kiss... muahhhh!!!

The dance and skit crew~

Hi... my name is James Bone! XD

Day 11:
Back to Labuan again very early in the morning...
It was my dad's birthday. So I must go back home to celebrate no matter what since I missed last year's celebration. Photos coming next post ya!

To be continue.....


  1. great post to many so many photo...

    Nikel Khor

  2. Hahhaa...funny and cute styling for the xmas party :)

  3. Super Senior... HAHAHAH...
    Eh, tak ada auto comment lah... No idea why he's doing that also=.=


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