Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) Part 3: Labuan

In this part 3 and also the upcoming part 4, I will be talking more about my activities back in Labuan. Well most probably some of you guys didn't know much or where is Labuan. Basically it is a small island situated on the western part of Sabah which is nearest to Menumbok (Labuan is a state which doesn't belongs to the state of Sabah.) Labuan is a Federal Territory just like Kuala Lumpur itself where every government investment and development that will be done on Labuan will be referred directly from Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya itself.

Anyway, you guys can take a look at the map below:

Okay, 1st round is the map of Sabah. Maybe some of you Malaysians are quite familiar with the location of Sabah in the Malaysia map. Can you see the tiny island on the left side of Sabah. That is Labuan island and it is 100% free from Sabah! I repeat 100% free from Sabah (especially for those who are from Peninsular Malaysia)

Next, as you all can see... as I've mentioned, Labuan nearest land is Menumbok (which belongs to Sabah). You can actually travel by ferry or speedboat to Menumbok and then travel up all the way to Kota Kinabalu by car or public transport. The fees for the ferry per pax cost RM5 while for speedboat is RM10 but I can ensure you that travel by speedboat is way faster and it's safe (they will provide life jacket). Public transport cost from RM14 and above...

From Labuan to Menumbok:
Ferry: RM5 (appx: 1.5-2hrs)
Speedboat: RM10 (appx: 30mins)

From Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu:
Shutter bus: RM14
Mini bus: RM20
Taxi: RM10 per head (minimum 4 head)

For the last map, this is the map of Labuan. Overall, you can spend 1 day here... longer than that, I am sure you will bored unless if you go for deep sea underwater diving. There's a lot of ship wrecks at the southern part of Labuan sea.

That's all for introduction of whereabouts Labuan island is...
The very main reason of me going back to Labuan is to celebrate my dad's birthday so here are some of the pictures posted below. Before you guys go on to the photos, let me explain here... Yes I know that the cake is small but why should we waste buying a cake that cost around RM25-30 and ended up frozen in the fridge. My dad, mum and sis is not a sugar type person. Only me... and how can u expect me to finish the whole cake by myself? So, we humbly bought a small cake for our dad also because that he already had a big cake in his work place (for those who read my previous blog knows what he works as). Alright, enough of the explanation... let's check out the photos taken:

This is me with my dad....

This is sis with my dad again...

and this is mum with her husband a.k.a. our dad... lol~

So on Wednesday night, we took our dad for dinner and I finally drove a 660ex Perodua Kancil to Golf Field Restaurant (also famously known as Ah Ban)

This is sis and dad... Peacing! (Our family favorite sign pose!)

This is mum and sis trying to kiss dad.. but Failed! LOL

More of my sis, mum and dad....

This is my sis trying to kill some time while waiting for the food!

Here comes the food! Yeah! We had Potato Leaves, Fried To-fu with Mayonnaise, Sweet & Sour Pork and Steam Sweet & Sour Fish (bought freshly from the fish market!)

This photo is edited by adding our younger sis into the family portrait... Dear sis, even though you are busy studying in West Malaysia, but your spirit is always remain with us!

WAHAHAHAH! Such a good brother I am! LOL
Thank 'Allah' for making us a happy Christian family!

That's all for now...
Part 4 is next!



  1. nice family pics! :) so nice of u to add your lil sis in the pic.

  2. wow happy family! very lovely shots!

  3. Thank gawd we're from the East? XD

  4. Labuan..... never been there but like the cheap booze there

  5. nice family pics....u must be happy to regroup with ur family...

  6. @Eve: haha... yeah thanks! :)

    @Eunice: Im sure u have a happy family too!

    @Mas: Yupz!!! :D glady glad!

    @borneo falcon: haha... true... cheap boze, ciggerate and CHOCOLATES!!! XD

    @Via: yeah via, but too bad my younger sis wasn't with us :)

  7. Nice to know your family... you are so close each other


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