Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) Final Part: Photo Shoot Outing

Yeah! Happy Saturday guys!

This will be the final part of my year end trip... this has been dragging until now. It's almost end of January. So how has the year 2010 been to u? Learned any new knowledge or skills? Or get to know any new friends? New environment? Watched new movies? Whatever it is, I hope everyone of you will be healthy and prosperous through out the year!

I wish every blog reader to grow in prosperity in the year 2010!!! From what I heard, "a golden dragon turtle attracts prosperity to your business and improves relationships with those around you."

Anyway, year 2009 has been a very exciting year for me. Ups and downs I supposed, but that's the norm of life... We choose to be happy or sad even though troubles or problems bound to happen to u and I've chosen to be happy. I'm happy to get to know more new friends from All Saints High School through my God-sister. So for this post, I will introduce the friends that I meet during my holiday trip back to Kota Kinabalu. We started off our 1st session at Nexus Karambunai Lagoon and the 2nd session we did at two locations which are at the Bukit Padang and also Shangri-la beach resort. So here goes the 1st session...

First off... Winnie, my God-sister a.k.a. the mastermind for this outing...
Winnie has a quite secretive look, it's hard to judge her emotion when u look at her appearance. So it's somehow very hard to know if there's anything good or bad happen to her. Anyway, she's still my k-mui (God-sister)!

Meet Jessica Megan Lee, Winnie's God-sister :)
Jessica is a very sporty type of girl, and she's very friendly too but for those who did not know her might thought that she's a cold type of person but that's the opposite of her!!!

Samuel Chen
Has a shy personality but at times he will blast out in laughter with his friends. A very polite young man :)

Tze Ming
A natural model I should say, I have no problem when shooting with him. He has a very unique personality, can be very good with the girls and close to Samuel :)

Carrie Tan
A cheerful person, personally i think the outfit doesn't match her personality on that day. Plus she was very tight and nervous...

Dunstan Liew
A nice young guy, you will be hassle free and easy being with him... too bad he have to leave early on that day :)

and our miss photogenic for the session... Miss Wong Yii Chyng!!

Her look might the kind that u have seen in LV or Gucci products advertisement. A joy-ish person and she has nice pair of big eyes... haha!

The All Saints gang...
A group photo for the day before everyone leaves...

And my pick of the day...
Techy info: A SB600 flash light hidden at the back of them shined along the wooden path creating a natural shine from the setting sun on the back and at the same time it preserves the details of the three models on the foreground :)

Tun Fuad Stephens Park, Bukit Padang

This is Ben, this person likes to talk and he's Winnie's sister... lol... jk jk

This is Ken, a quiet person. Very shy at 1st since this was his 1st time but he slowly got better and he looks natural when he doesn't look at the camera, especially his smile... :)

Samuel Chen

Ahh... our miss photogenic, Yii Chyng... lovin' this shot!

My k-mui... relaxing as always :)

Mr know-it-all... this young man knows how to be natural. Btw he can sing well too!

The happy go lucky carrie!!!

Ahhh... the sporty Jessica...

Sorry for posting too many photos this time. Well, I hope I managed to speak to everyone of you about what my holiday was about through the images that I've captured. And yes I'm into photojournalism these days and I am totally inspired by people like Louis Pang, Ke Wynn, Jenny Sun and Stephen Siaw during the LiveWire! Charge Up! Conference.

And so I end my post with this group photo taken in Shangri-la beach resort.

I will be looking ahead towards the sky for more opportunity in my life and I wish the same to all of you! Stay healthy and God bless!

LiveWire! post is up next!


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  1. Huhu~ Alot of frens wor...good try ;)

  2. Wahhh, eh? that watermark thing is new @_@

  3. Nice photoshoot. I love the group picture one. On the deck.

  4. uLi: thanks!

    mas: yeah.. but not so new.. haha

    elaine: thanks.. i like that shot too!

  5. Interesting stuff you got here. I'll be a frequent visitor from now on. :)

  6. Wah, so nice! But where is my pic? LOL

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