LiveWire! Charge Up! Media Conference 2010 Review

On the 14-17th January, I attended the LiveWire! Charge Up! Media Conference in DUMC Centre, Petaling Jaya SS13. This was the second time I attended the conference. My first time was at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah around September 2007. That time my church media team leader was sponsored by the church and this time it was fully self-sponsored. Without crapping so much, I'll let you guys look at some of the shots taken during the four days conference :)

First day, first session by Louis Pang [Faith + Photography]

Another session with Louis Pang on how to create the lighting effect according to the shot he took as projected by the LCD projector.

Next session is about Controling Exposure by a famous Australian Chinese photographer, Jenny Sun

An outdoor session with her.
Thanks to Ian for holding the speaker and trying to shoot with his camera. [Noticed the lens cap is still on...hehe!]

Another shot of her

Ke Wynn, a Penang wedding photographer spoke on the next session about 'Composition'. I didn't get to take a photo of him since I was too busy taking down the notes, but anyway here are some photos I took based on the notes given.

The subject, background, foreground [Model: Our team coach, Stephen Siaw]

Leading lines
Negative space

Zoom in zoom out [Noticed so many air-cons used in DUMC!!!]


Leading lines, perspective & angles

Colours, the subject, background, foreground

2nd Day

Stephen Siaw - Lighting workshop

Our model of the day, how to set up good lighting for bald headed portraiture :p

I met an old friend of mine from KK, we went for the 2007 conference and on the same team together for a video production.
Patrick, SIB Skyline

and I met some new friends too :)

My group discussion 'Team Z-uper'

Some assignment work we did that day, create a storyline with some magazine pictures cut out...

This is ours... Team Z-uper!

Photographers in action!!!

Last day of the conference! We got our graduation certificates from LiveWire!

Enjoyed the conference very much!
I will surely not to miss the conference next year!!!
For more info, do view at their website at
I will upload the project next post!


This event is also mentioned in my other blog post here.



  1. Your photographs are really great. Thanks for the comment on my post. So sweet of you.

  2. at first i thought i saw limewire instead! haha.. what? conference with limewire?? lol..
    anyway, nice shots! =)

  3. nikel, uLi: thanks!

    jan: u r most welcome!

    ken: lol... limewire... im using that on pc and vuze on mac :)

  4. hey there.. some big names there.. must have been an interesting conference and lots of interesting tips ;)

  5. i like leading lines picture tu.. huhuu... 2 thumbs up! :D

  6. @lehua: yeah man... learnt a lot esp from Louis Pang :)

    @mizzy: thanks!!! i like it too!!!


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