My Valentine's Day

14th February

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day is looked forward to by millions of people all over the world. Couples in love or even some married couples will start planning how they're going to spend the special day and in what ways they're going to make the day even more romantic than ever before.

As for me, I have already kept the idea of a perfect Valentine day in my mind. A perfect Valentine is not really about how or where u spend the day with but the most important of all is being happy with the person you love and what if the person is....

Anne Hathaway!!! I will be more than happy! Hahaha!

I prefer to be more secretive when celebrating any occasion with my love one and of course Valentine's day will be in the list as well...

So I will make sure that when she wakes up early in the morning she will find this...
Her favorite red roses & a small gift box.

When she opens the small gift box, there is a love note inside saying....

As soon as she dressed up, she drove straight to the beach....

I was hidden behind the rock but she knows where I was hiding and so we spent our whole day playing and walking along the beautiful beach....

After tired waiting and looking at the beautiful sunset... suddenly she said...

I know this will happen... and everything is well prepared. So I asked for her permission to blindfold her as there's a surprise I've prepared for her...

and I took her to this big mansion right next to the beach...

Inside the mansion, there will be candles lite up all the way to this very special dinning place...

As she opens here eyes, she's already sited right on the chair and we had our Valentine's Day candle light dinner....

I purposely turned on her favorite tune and we started to move our legs and last we decided to dance until the night ends...

And that's how would Valentine’s Day be if I could be spending that day with Anne Hathaway!

Have a happy and romantic Valentine's Day folks!!!



  1. OMG! I loveeee this post.
    Hilarious yet romantic at the same time! HAHA!
    And i loveee Anne Hathaway too :D

  2. nice post my friend! hope we get the tickets and watch the movie together.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Henry you are so dorky!! XDDD But those are really sweet moves, you know. :) I seldom know boys who even think that way. Most of em think about sex when it comes to women. *pats henry's back* <3

  4. Good storyline...hahaha!! Interesting!! =)

  5. elaine: i didn't expect it to be funny though... serious! :p

    baboon: ohh u took part too? cool!

    chichi: thanks! *pat back*

    kaoru: thanks, nanged back!

    uLi: aunty yew li, just a random one lor.. took me 10 minutes to think but 30minutes to post.. hahaha!

  6. AWW... Definitely a very romantic post. I bet any girl would have love that kind of treatment. Hee.. Hope you can get those movie tickets. :)

  7. wow nice one!

    Anne Hathaway is really pretty, super huge eyes!

  8. wah.... bagus2... besh2.. hehe.. romantik juga plak ko ni.. hehee

  9. wah bro...v-day still very long to come fast u have the love mood ah...kekeke

  10. Nikel: yes it is!

    Yen: do u love to have those too?

    Elaine: gonna have diabetes if too sweet... haha

    Emeryn: yeah that's what i like about her!!!

    Mizzy: yes of course, dun play2 wa... haha

    Via: bro, it's the nuffnang post le :)


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