Photo Clip: Love Cheras Charity Community

In this post, I wanted to show all of you the production that my team - Team Z has produced on the third day of the conference. They only allow us to shoot and edit for 1 day and we actually finished the whole thing at 1am. This clip is edited by me for the LiveWire! Charge Up! Media Conference and the photos and script were taken and written by teammates.

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Love Cheras program is a project initiated by several Cheras pastors from different denominations and independent churches. As they came together for prayer and fellowship, they were led to work together for the purpose of bringing spiritual and social transformation into Cheras. To further facilitate this purpose, the pastors decided to incorporate the fellowship in 2002 as Cheras Pastors Fellowship Bhd (593377-X) in order that there would be better accountability and ease in dealing with the governmental authorities or regulations. Clearly spelt out in our incorporation is that Cheras Pastors Fellowship Bhd is a non profit entity whose aim is to serve the community of Cheras and the city of Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. i must setup one blog community for my taman too...kekeke

  2. Via: Not so easy ya...hahaha! Good effort le ^^

  3. why no Love Ipoh community?? haha..
    anyway, it's great to be in community of the living area =)

  4. wow! this is such a good video!!! must have been amazing ppl who manage to put it together! and the pictures are sooo nice also! so good lah... two thumbs up!!!:P

  5. Aww. Those photos were awesome. And such a great foundation that everyone should support.

  6. i live nearby too~
    we all know poverty and illnesses are plague of evil. Just have to pray hard loh~

    this clip was really brilliant with such great strong message of community service.

    may God speed and bless upon them and all who serves.

    geeeee ... i need to go church again kakaka~

  7. Photos are great! ;)

    Hmmm maybe my speaker too loud and maybe coz I watch it when I just woke up XD my otak bergegar now.

  8. @via: lol.. u can try :p

    @uLi: yalor not so easy rite?

    @kenwooi: maybe u can try Love Ipoh??

    @Mark: thanks for dropping by bro, and ur pictures are nice!!!

    @Jan: thanks for the awesomeness of u!

    @Alpha: maybe u shud start doing something for taman sri sabah?

    @Mas: wow.. otak bergagar.. hebat! :p

  9. great! love the initiatives you have taken.

    hope there are lots more people loike you out there.

    nanged you btw.

    check this out on how you can help & do more for others =)

  10. Agreed with Kenwooi. If he starts one, i'll support him. XD


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