2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2010

A very BIG thank you to Mark Hiew, a friend whom I got to know through LiveWire Charge Up Conference. Many thanks to him for organizing our second outing after the previous outing in Batu Caves during the Thaipusam festival.


I woke up very early in the morning last Saturday just to catch the photographer slot at 7.15am in Putrajaya. Unfortunately we were not very familiar with Putrajaya so we missed a few junctions and ended up at toll, made an U-turn, paid the toll again. Finally, we managed to reach there about 7.30am and we happily went inside after showing the guards our bulky, DSLR... but even small kids with a small digicam are allowed to go in. LOL! :D

Pilot getting ready and equipping the safety equipments.

The heat from the fire is super hot even from far away, imagine being the one shooting the flame towards the air balloon.

Ever wonder why the open fire will not burn the lower part of the hot air balloon? 
It is because most of the lower parts are made out of fire resistant material such as polyester or Nomex. The top of the upper body usually made out of nylon, so it is very light.

Mr. Mark Hiew, the outing organizer! Looking good!

Hot air balloons ready to fly~

UP UP and AWAY!!!

Sleepy eyes, I like this one. Very cute and the color is very nice!

Dark Vader's hot air balloon from the movie Star Wars.

Lion head... not the right one this year's theme but still this one is cute!

This one looks kinda creepy to me, but I think it will looks nicer if the put a smile on the balloon... haha! :)

And the biggest spotlight of the day, introducing....

Levi's Jeans hot air balloon... this one is super tall leh!

Mark say,"Wow! Look at that! It's so big! I wonder which Giant will wear that? King Kong perhaps?"
LOL! I just made that up... haha!

Clevermunkey with the jeans... thanks to Mark for the shot...

I just looking at the wideness of this shot.... ahhh.... so nice the view on that day!

We got bored after a few hours so we decided to shoot some creative and funny stuff... haha!

Mark's attempt, trying to bite the hot air balloon... looks yummy rite?

My attempt, just like the ice-cream man passing u a cone of ice-cream. Yum yum! :D

Photo courtesy of Mark Hiew

So that is all for now! I hope to go to another hot air balloon fiesta next year if I'm still around.
Till then, have a great week and enjoy life to the fullest!