Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan in Labuan!

The sentence 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' is a Malay phrase which means walking around to look for good food!

This shop which is normally packed with people at night. This shop used to be called '88' and then they changed to '126' a few years ago... wonder what's next?

Our side dish...

My plate... cost RM16.00! The price has gone up recently and the taste is not as good as last time.

Close up shot for my lamb chop... hungry now? Hahaha!

My dad's plate... I still prefer Malaysia Hokkien Noodle compared to Singapore Hokkien Noodle.

Day time in the same coffee shop, a normal Kon Lou Noodle!

A coffee shop near my house, this prawn noodle taste great! I like the soup a lot! Very rich flavored but the prawns were quite small though....

The chicken wing stall at Island Garden Restaurant... quite famous!

Mum wants me to take a this picture while she's trying to BBQ the wings... haha!

Price is OK! I missed the good old days where I use to buy 5 wings for RM5!

The packed chicken wings! The taste is quite sweet and it was nicely BBQ-ed!

Some side dish from Irene's house. Thanks!

Guess what is this? Tungking ayam also know as the CHICKEN ASS!
Have u eaten one before? Do let me know how it taste for u?

Hungry now? XD



  1. I din eat whole morning. and your food really makes me hungry..

    I hate you...

  2. Wuah berliur se. Chicken wings also naik harga liao.

  3. oopppss thanks for sharing~ nice foods nice pictures~ saliva dripping, so hungry, i havent eat anythings yet~

  4. Labuan is so far! How do i grab it and eat it>?

  5. i'm against blog post like this. This post will 70% if not totally encourage the unhealthy lifestyle among its readers. Hahaha...

    Everyone will become hungry, then crave for food and become obese 100 days later after reading the post.

    Haha. just kidding.

  6. i juz finish eat lei..dun dun..i ll hungry faster d..

    from Nikel Khor

  7. really miss prawn mee so much......

  8. Wish Labuan food also as cheap as its booze

  9. i ter/accidentally ate 1 chicken ass once. It's horrible i assure you. Yiks

  10. @supia: NOHATEONLOVE! haha

    @mas: yalor, naik ady...

    @connie: u r welcome!

    @baboon: just go labuan lor :p

    @bozaki: sorry, i think u should voice it out in dewan parlimen pemakanan sedunia :P

    @nikel: same lar... :)

    @kisahremaja: the prawn mee is nice!

    @borneofalcon: cheaper than kl and kk though :)

    @allison: its nice lor :)

  11. walao! damn! i'm hungry now!!!

  12. the kon lou noodle - is it sabahan arr. i dun see that noodle that often around in kl... looks good

  13. @wendy: go eat faster!!! LOL

    @elaine: go labuan lor.. the best is in the island :)

    @lechua: actually its a fusion of sabah and KL konlou, that is why it's like that :)

  14. u've successfully make me hungry, especially the chicken wings! T_T

  15. @KrAZy: orry lor... my chicken wing is innocent de... WAKAKAKA!


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