Limkokwing University Microsoft Window 7 Campus Launch

Thanks to the Associate Director of Media Relations and PR, Kah Wai for inviting me to this very special launching event @ Limkokwing.


On 23rd March 2010, the Microsoft guys has launched the Microsoft Windows 7 in Limkokwing.
As we all know, some of us has been using Windows 7 since late 2009 and so this event is actually introducing "Microsoft Flies on Campus" to introduce and familiarize the students with the latest and emerging Microsoft Technologies.

There were also a seminar hosted during the launch and a few guest speakers who are who covered Microsoft Windows 7 user features, copyright and how to protect the security of the system as well as how to have fun with Windows 7.

Esmaiel is from Microsoft Student Partners Technical Lead, MCT, MCSE 2003.
He talks about the new Windows 7 Home user features that has been greatly improved from the previous Windows operating system.

Sanjay Willie, co-owner of Intuit Innovations Sdn Bhd shared about the security of Windows 7.
He has several years of experience deploying solutions, implementing security related systems and consulting with various international organizations. I remember a very good quote from him regarding about the computers security,"Sharing is Scary".

Azra Rizal Dato Noor Azman is a Senior Manager for Applied Research Information Security Technology Portfolio Management MIMOS Bhd.
He also shared about the improved security  in Windows 7 and also he gave some few tips on how to constitute a good password.

FACT! - Longer passwords are better than short complex ones
My new password: mynameisclevermunkeyhowareyounicetomeetyouhopeyoucan
Lol... that was a joke.

Facebook addict! A very good warning for you people out there! :D

The very cheerful and active speaker, Jabez Gan is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and is currently the Senior Technical Officer for a consulting company that specializes in Microsoft Technologies.
He talks about how to have fun with Windows 7 and he showed us the Aeroshake function or he called it as,"Shake That Thing". A very good feature that we can be able to online or play games during our lecture or during office hour to prevent ourselves being caught by our lecturer or boss. :)

A group photo after the seminar.

Guess how they make this... I think this is very creative.

Students lining up to submit their details to register their personal info to be able to receive the MSDNAA for Windows7.

A Microsoft booth was set up where students can try out the software and were able to ask questions from Microsoft professionals.

I personally think that this is a very successful event in exposing the students of Limkokwing University the benefits of using Microsoft Windows 7.