March Write-up Update

Hi guys! 

Sorry for all the waiting. I'm still recovering from my cough and sore throat due to the hot weather that is happening in the whole land of Malaysia and the intake of alcohol and fried food during the Chinese New Year celebration. Although I'm not updating about my Chinese New Year celebration or my trip back to Sabah but just my thoughts and opinions on some ongoing matters and a bit of sneak peak of what blog post I will update in future.

1. I had been clubbing for 3 nights straight when I was in Labuan. I am not a clubbing person but I do enjoy going out for movies and entertainments at night but seriously I was just following a crowd of friends at first but turned out to be a 3 nights straight of clubbing. This lead to a very high consumption of liquor and beer which I personally think that it causes me to be high but not drunk. I know how its like to be drunk and it can't be express through words.

2. Recently I found out that people around me starts to notice that I'm gaining weight and also still growing taller. I found it very interesting and I'm actually really happy to know that I've gained a few kilos since last year November until now but my this year's resolution was to gain 70kg. That's one of the listed resolution by the way besides being the youngest billionaire in Malaysia. The last part was a joke. Anyway, I really grateful to the junk food and also the home cook food that I've consume instead of eating out most of the time throughout my working life in Singapore.

3. Subject no. 1 & 2 which somehow not only benefiting me in a good way, but there's also some side effects which leads to spending of big amount of money, pimples problem, physical decrement from six packs to now 1 pack (air-bag) and also a week of being sick when I'm back in KL... That is the very reason why I didn't start to blog as soon as I'm back. By the way, I did spend some time off from the cyber world and facing the computer... well, that's a lie as well since I'm using much of my rest time and work time watching movies and series. By the way again, I'm done watching Heroes season 4 and The Big Bang Theory season 1 for the time being. It was good.

4. Earthquake in Chile. We should Thank God for it since only about 700 people have died up to date compared to the Tsunami a few years ago in Sumatra which cost thousand of life.

5. Our government is getting more and more ridiculous, so busy accusing Anuar Ibrahim while other developed country laughing at us as a Muslim country and yet not implementing themselves as a forgiving believer and hopefully no body will get hurt suing or being sued.

6. I'm getting more and more addicted into Facebooking, but still afraid to try Tweeter and I often like to use the statement of being too busy or couldn't care so much to update but I do realized that I will turn on my MSN, Skype and Facebook even when I'm busy. There's no string that pulling me not to do so but it's all so skeptical. Maybe I'm just not into Tweeting... that's all.

7. Domino's Pizza is better than Pizza Hut.

8. KFC in Singapore is selling egg tarts and egg tarts shops are selling Kentucy Fried Chicken. The last one was a joke again.

9. My parents are asking me to go back to Sabah to look for a job. I know they missed me. I miss them too but somehow I'm still finding my own identity in a foreign land (well, Sabah and KL is two separate land so I do consider it as one)

10. I'm trully sorry to Ann because she has been longing to go snorkeling at the island but too bad I wasn't really cautious and busybody to ask which island has the least jellyfish and I still go to the most jellyfished island, Pulau Manukan and ended up we just sat near the beach for 2 hours with no water activities. I am truly sorry for not telling that to you because I actually received an SMS from my friend regarding about it. The next island trip will be on me ya?



  1. Just finish my dinner its time to comment.

    1. Clubbing got that syok meh? I never get drunk before.. ^^

    2. How old are you dy? Still can grow taller de meh?

    3. I so long din watch English series liao.

    4. My deepest condolence for those at Chile.

    5. Who cares about them? Dead boring issues.

    6. Try twitter la, its more fun but only if you got many friends twitting.

    7. I never eat Domino's pizza before.

    8. KFC business not good. Looking for alternative.

    9. Ask your parent to move to KL with you la.

    10. non of my business.

    You ask for this right? I am kind. ^^

  2. Good sharing :) Faster find your identity in foreign land parents seems very de miss you home.

  3. For me, I think Pizza Hut is better than Domino la...Anyway, you should try Papa Johns! Their pizzas are the best!

  4. welcome back! totally agree with no. 7 for ages alreadi..much prefer thin crust pizzas. yet to try Papa Johns.. haha no.8 is a funny observation. looking forward to ur stories over ur long break.

  5. @Supia: wow... thanks for the long and honest comment.... haha... u shud go n try the domino's :) and it's impossible to ask my parents to move to KL...

    @uLi: haha... i wish i can... i wish :)

    @lemon: pizza very bready la... full not because of the toppings lor...

    @nikel: lai what?

    @lechua: yeah agree on u too! haha... well i wonder if kfc gonna sell egg tarts to in msia :p

  6. agree with ur Pizza Hut is better thn Domino !

  7. @coerlly: domino is better la XD

    @kenwooi: yalor random nia!


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