My Family, Relatives & a Pool Table!!!

It's the third day of Chinese New Year but for my family, it felt like the 1st day. Yes I know we kinda like a weird family who got lost track of the CNY dates but that's the truth if you have a dad who has to work on 30th night and the 1st day of CNY. So here we are taking our family photos. We don't have a good background, so as usual my dad will be sitting on his majestic spot... :)

From left to right; my mum, my younger sister, her boyfriend, my dad, me 'the clevermunkey', my sister's bf's brother and my elder sister.

(Action: Everybody put ya hand guns up!)

 The Lee Family

Tak tong chiang~  
All of us went out for breakfast and we saw this cute orange lion on our way. The colour really attracting. We seldom get to see this colour but as usual, we just stop by, see some actions, hear the loud music and left the place before it ends :)

Oh ya, the lion dance was performed by this Buddhist society or temple.

My dad posing for the camera, he's a natural despite of his big beer tummy. Anyway, he's famous for that around town! LOL

This is my dad's current ciggerate that he smokes. A subsitution for Perillys which they have stopped the production. 

I'm not so sure if smoking really will cause miscarriage, but I know there's a high percentage that for those mothers to give born to an imperfect child.
My advise for non smoker, never ever start smoking.
For current smoker, get the HELL away from non smoker!

Btw, I think's recent post was about this too right? haha...


The Miniature Pool

This mini pool looks kinda real huh?  

It's a good daddy and son/daughter game. Since there's so little low end toys to buy in the market, I would recommend this to your child aged 4 and above.
  As you can see, I've compared the whole set of mini pool with my Casio stainless steel watch. The balls are quite small and your baby might ends up swallowing the balls. So becareful!

So the game begins!

I was at my cousin's house when I found the set of mini pool. As you can see, I have more female cousins on my mum's side but they are all really cute ones! Love them! Btw, we are all the descendants of Chinese-Indonesian... I'm proud to be one!

I found some ducklings in a basket. I really did felt the being back home atmosphere :)

Finally, I'm ending my post with this delight... 
I wonder what they usually call it? Kinda forget the name and I don't think I can find the answer in Google search. Maybe my dear readers can help to enlighten me?

Waiting for the answer in my k-chak comment box ya!



  1. wah, left hug and right hug.. ><
    The miniature pool look so cool.. you play?

  2. #_# malaysia's cig box photos orz. Enuff can make me cringe.

  3. wah...whole family come out play pool

    from Nikel Khor

  4. Wah, got family uniform somemore, geng wor! So lovely ya btw... :)

  5. That last picture, we call it the 'honeycomb' in Singapore.

    And the last picture, there's a spy among them ducklings...

  6. that traditional family uniform ..this is the first time i see a family with a

  7. @supia: yes i played! XD

    @mas: well singapore started it at 1st

    @nikel: haha... not really la.. only me and my cousins

    @uLi/via: thanks!

    @DC: oh really? thanks for the info!

  8. so many photos for CNY! i like it!

  9. how come all of u are dressed in a greeeen shirt? barclays shirt logo?

  10. @baboon: glad u like it! thanks!

    @lechua: yeah, sponsored tshirt for the golf championship in sentosa singapore :)


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