My first day of CNY in KL

Hi guys!

I know I have been kinda late to post up about my Chinese New Year experience but nevertheless I will still post it up with photos which have occurred to be the best way to express myself in every blogpost that I have posted. So for those who think that I should upload all my photos into the web photos account such as Flickr or Photobucket and instead of spamming it in my own blog... i have only 5 words to respond to it and I have thought about the best way to express myself regarding about that issue,"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!"

So enjoy my photo blog & have a nice day! :)

I was covering a wedding at Shah Alam on the Chinese New Year's eve and so I didn't get to go back to Sabah for reunion dinner but luckily my dad was on duty so there was no reunion dinner on that night and it was postponed to Monday night... Will post about it in my next post!

I wasn't really plan to visit my relatives but I was invited to go for my relatives reunion dinner in PJ when I called my uncle to greet him a Happy Chinese New Year and so I went.

This fierce looking dog belongs to my uncle, actually it's the way how he express himself and to greet welcome... lol

On the next day, I went to my aunt's house, my dad's eldest sister who took care of me and my sister for a few years and we stayed in her house at that time. So I actually finished my kindergarden and up to primary 2 in PJ. The memories of those days are still being fresh in my head.... hmmm....
Anyway, let me introduce my aunt... she's 73 years old... kinda old huh?

She was alone at home... I can feel the loneliness in her heart but yet I insisted her to smile for the camera and this was the outcome :p

I hope my visit to her will colour her life and at the same time cheered her up! :)

If I'm not wrong, I stayed in her house for 2-3 years but she always hated me for being the hard-headed one and loved my sister a lot... everyone loved my sister and she's always out with her friends and relatives while me, being the 5 years old kid... always stay alone at home playing with my imaginary friends. I had a spot for that and I still remember even though it's already almost 20 years ago...

 This was the place I used to hide myself when I did something wrong and the place where I played with my imaginary friends. The staircase, I use to wear a helmet and by looking through the steps... I imagined myself as a young pilot that flies the jet... I forgot what the the jet they call it from the movie Top Gun... it was very famous at that time.

I hated the people around me when I was a kid and everyday I missed my dad and mum but one thing for sure, I was happy that I'm well educated in manners and being obedient... I don't smoke, drink and use foul language during my stay there. I don't hate my aunt, just that I dislike the way she scold me or what some people would call it... teaching me a lesson... it was a short visit but she wanted to take a rest so I said my goodbye and leave.

After the visit, I decided to drop by the Nikon Centre in Berjaya Times Square.

Chinese Culture Fan Dance

I didn't expect that it will be this happening on the 1st day of CNY, my thoughts will be like, the streets are empty, can see newspapers flying, or even dried leaves... like a ghost town... but this shopping mall is very crowded by not only non-Chinese but Chinese-s! LOL...

Nikon D3s mounted with a 500mm f2.8 lens

Inside the Nikon Centre, I was so tempted to try every gadgets displayed but somehow this machine still captured my heart tightly... D3s is the latest DSLR pro model from Nikon, the price is a killer but the machine itself is a killer to every pro photographers. When I first held it, the feeling and grip was fabolous! The speed and sharpness of the cam is excellent! Non comparable! I am really amazed with the setups of the fast keys and buttons which make everything so fast and convenient...

One word: WOW!

 Nikon D3s... you are in my wishlist! :)



  1. Waliao!!!! The camera hou geng ar!!

  2. halo Henry! I spent my CNY in Ipoh, so u in KL?
    .. definitely won't want to be greeted by such fierce looking dog! lol! I hate barking dogs, especially those residing near our unit! It's like a dog farm now. :S

  3. Wow the dog so fierce. You dun scare ar? your aunt is old but cute. I know nothing about camera. But that one really long..

  4. I'm drooling at the Nikon D3S. O.o Yum!

  5. Take it from me, the Nikon D3s IS really great. I pre-ordered mine as soon as it was announced and I've been working with it since December. It is truly an awesome piece of machinery.

  6. WOW.....what can i say....blub! blub! hehe nice D3

  7. I heard from the DCM review, the D3s's wide range of ISO and such is sort of unnecessary and very inconvenient for event photo shoots. Unless one just sticks to the auto mode. They also said such pro gadget is only suitable for those geographic photographers... Cause they have all the time to adjust to such extreme settings.

    *Shrugs* I just heard. :P

  8. @Mas: ya... i was knocking my knees too when i was shooting the dog

    @uLi: yeah! the best camera!

    @eunice: i was in KL, Labuan & KK... All over...! wow, it must be hard to stay near a 'dog farm'... hehe

    @supia: i scare lor, yeah... my aunty is very cute but she smokes too much!

    @jan: me too :(

    @John: yeap! i agree with u! nice photos in ur blog!

    @Jumaint/dblchin: Thanks!

    @Mabel: replied at ur cbox :)

  9. that dog has one scary hello! :-))

  10. erwinator: yes! the dog is super fierce... scary!


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