What's Happening this Week?

Hi guys!
A lot of things happening and a lot of things I missed this week.
Anyway, below are the things that I'm not gonna miss and will post about it next week! :D

Last year I supported the Earth Hour in Singapore but only lasted for a few hours because we were giving a surprise birthday celebration to my cell group leader. It was quite fun though. So this year, I'm gonna prepare myself with all the equipments and get ready for Earth Hour 2010! (Well I guessed I don't really need to prepare anything besides just switching off the lights, can I keep the fan on? hehe...)

My 1st time walking in Cyberjaya is for Microsoft Windows 7 Launching in Limkokwing University. It was a good experienced. I do found a lot of interesting stuff in this new Windows 7 even though I'm a die-hard-user for Mac OS. Updating this next week.

Last but not least, thanks to Krazygal for inviting me to Mad Hatter @ Zouk tonight!
And again, do wait for the update next week ya!

That's all for now.
Be safe, keep healthy and enjoy the weekend!