Wings Caffee @ Limkokwing

***Unrelated: Earth Hour this year was not as good as I have expected it would be. Nothing much happening in KLCC and the bands that performed in the Earth Hour Battle of the Band in Sunway Pyramid were not as good as I thought and the best part is, I waited for 1 and a half hour in the KTM station! I'm so gonna blog about my frustrations! :(

Last week after the Microsoft Windows 7 Launch at Limkokwing University, we bloggers were invited to join the Microsoft guys and the organizer for lunch at Wings Coffee. It was a local cafe run by the students in Limkokwing University itself.

Limkokwing's very own 'Starbucks' but this one even better.... why is it better?

So why is it better?
It is because Wings Coffee provides seafood dishes and many more in their menus! :D

I was a bit shock when I saw this fish in Wings Coffee, normally we need to go to restaurants to have this. The taste is average but I like the tofu!

I like this deep fried prawns a lot! Too bad it was not warm, I will prefer it to be served hot so that we can get to taste the crispiness of the prawns.

Eat healthily! Eat more vege! 

Despite the oil, vegetables are naturally low in energy, fat, and salt. They are also wonderful sources of fibre and many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals - natural components in vegetables that offer health benefits beyond nutrition.
Scientific evidence shows that those who eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables have a lower risk of many diseases, including heart disease, stroke and certain cancers

Eating salad is a very good way to eat healthily!

Not sure what this is called but the taste is not bad! :D
Maybe my readers out there can enlighten me again!

This one is a Malay dish, I always had this at home. This is good too!!

The very highly recommended drink! The Durian Smoothie! 
Almost half of the table ordered this and the taste is not too sweet and not too plain, durian is good and the ice is nicely blended :)

I won't mind to hang out in Wings Coffee when I'm dropping by Limkokwing University again the next time!

Hungry now? Hoho...