Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

***Unrelated: I have collected the Blackberry Storm 2 from Nuffnang office. I'm still deciding whether I should keep my iPhone or start using the Storm? I really like the web browsing experience in iPhone! None comparable at the moment! :D


Sorry for being MIA about a week as I am very busy lately with my work and weekend activities. Anyway, for bloggers who knew about this fair especially Nuffies... I think most of you have posted about the event and what joy and fun it has brought to you during the very special event. So I might reposting the same thing but I will emphasize more on the fellow bloggers that I have met during the event! :)

My partner, Fariz & I reached Berjaya Times Square, the venue of the fair at 9am sharp and the very 1st moment we reached there we saw Ching Yih, Krazygal & Spectre. After that, came along Supia, Lemon & her boyfriend. We has been informed by monyet kecil, Feeq to meet up at Krispy Kreme 1st before proceeding to the fair which is just situated next to it!

My breakfast for the day, Black Coffee & donuts... I prefer Starbucks' coffee and Big Apple's donuts still. Anyway, this breakfast set cost me RM5.50. Considered as cheap but it was not filling at all.

The early comers! Group shot at Krispy Kreme! :D

Additional of myself & Aidi-safuan.

Registration! Few hundred bloggers turned up very early. Just that they registration delayed to 10am. The Nuffnang guys really understand about the Malaysia time culture. Haha! :D

The lucky draw worth RM15,000 all together! I want that Blackberry Bold & Acer Ferrari Laptop! XD

The Malaysian Book of Record breaking shot. If I'm not wrong 518 bloggers attended this fair! Correct me if I'm wrong! :D

Malaysia Book of Record Certificate for being the most bloggers attended event in Malaysia!

Me, Fariz, Fiona, Wendy & Krazygal! Krazygal did a great job climbing the Rocky Mountain! Being the 1st lady to do it & it was timed under 1 minute 30 secs. She got 8 points coupon instead of 6 points! She's so good in climbing & bargaining! Haha! XD

Jayleo, me, Aidi-safuan (the Blackberry Storm lucky winner!), Cloudfly & Krazygal!

These are all we got from the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair. I didn't play much of the games as I was quite busy taking photos around. But I do enjoy some of the game and thanks to those who have video-ed me during the fair. Really grateful to Vince92!

I hope Nuffnang & Gatsby will organize another fun event again in future.
This one was a great success! :D