Long Kee Restaurant @ Sungai Siput

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Two weeks ago, I followed my dad to Sungai Siput for Qing Ming. 
(As I had mentioned here)
Qing Ming is a Chinese culture where by there's a time of the year, which usually falls on April… Families will gather together to visit their ancestor's grave.

During the night when we reached Sg Siput, all the restaurants where very packed. It must have been the reason because most of the family members have returned to their hometown for Qing Ming. So we decided to dine in Long Kee Restaurant.
Long Kee Restaurant is a normal enclosed air-conditioned Chinese restaurant. It has roughly about not more than 10 tables which can fit about 6-10pax. We were very hungry after our 2 hours journey from KL and we wasted some time looking for a not so crowded/busy restaurant… Even at Fong Kee, we waited for more than 5 minutes for the captain to take order from us. They had only 3-4 workers at that moment and I can see that they are pretty occupied.

Anyway, the captain was so thoughtful to suggest us a new breed from Norway which is the Norway Emerald Fish with Omega-6. My uncle even know that this fish was published in the newspaper and the breed was created by some 'angmoh'.

So we really curious about how good is this fish in taste and also the benefits for our health.

The prawns are good! I am a prawn person, i can eat prawn without peeling the skin off & suck all the juice of the prawn head... :)
 This one is my all-time-favorite! My dad know I like this ever since I was a child. Too bad this one is not as good as I thought, the gravy was too sour. Btw, did I mention that this restaurant is non halal? Haha...
So this was the outcome of the recommended fish by the captain. It was really fresh!!! I really like the gravy. The cook did a really good job on that.
Seriously I hate long bean, but this one is an exception! Not too dry and the taste is just simply delicious!
 It has been a long time I didn't had fried omelette with Char Siu (BBQ Pork).
I ate almost half of this! XD
Not to be a bias person, I was suppose to give 5 Munkeys rate for the taste but too bad the Sweet & Sour Pork Rip a bit sour and we didn't taste any sweetness due to the large amount of sourness.

So guess how much did the meal cost? My dad predicted RM80+ and me, RM100+
I was a bit overestimated the restaurant!!!

Guess how much? 
SO CHEAP LOR!!! 5 dishes, 3 Chinese tea & 1 warm water, 4 sets of rice!
If you can find this kind of deal in KL, let me know and I don't mind to tag u along!!! MY TREAT

We were once hungry… but then we were filled with SATISFACTION! :D