Project Alpha Season 2 Launch!

Last night it was the launching of the Project Alpha: Malaysia's Top Blogger Season 2!
I was invited after commenting about it in the Nuffnang site.
It was easy-pesy though...

I got 2 invites so I brought along my business partner, Fariz Dedek.

The launch is held in e@curve, 7.30pm
My very 1st time visit!

The very 1st blogger I met there was Ching Yih.
He was in my previous post, Samsung 3D LED TV launch.
A very friendly and charming guy but too bad he belongs to someone now! LOL

Lots of activities happening through out the launch...
Registration, photo session, food and interacting with the bloggers!

I was eying for this beautiful lady on the night! 
Jojo Struys!
She looks so gorgeous isn't it? XD

While waiting for the movie premier, I came upon this.
Fourfeetnine standing side by side to Shaolin Tiger!
Shaolintiger was actually kneeling next to Fourfeetnine!
He is 4'9" on his knee!
He's so freaking tall!

The very good looking bloggers! LOL
From left to right: Ching Yih, Jason, CleverMunkey, Baboon Tan
Btw, do we look like F4?
Malaysian version at least?

A photo of me and my date for the night! LOL...

My business partner, Fariz Dedek really admirer Jojo! 
He loves watching Pillow Talk hosted by Jojo!

I had a chance to meet Xiaxue in person as well.
Who is she? She is Singapore's top blogger! :)
All the way from Singapore with newly married husband!

Not to forget, I also got 2 invites for the movie premier 'Kick Ass'.
This movie really kick-ed ass!!!
It's really funny and I like the action so much! :D

This is what we got from the launch!
I really like the smell of the deodorant from Adidas!
Thank you Nuffnang for the invites and yes...