DCIM Show @ Midvalley

***Unrelated: I won myself a Special Prize from ruumz for the Prince of Persia contest. Thanks for the speedy prize, it actually arrived at my place less than 24hours from the time I send my mailing address to them. Anyway, thanks a lot ruumz! I'm so gonna wear the Prince of Persia limited edition t-shirt & slippers to the movie! :D

Hi all!
How was ur weekend?
It was great for me...
as I got lost around KL and waited for a bus that never arrives more than 1 hour.
So much thanks to the Colors of 1Malaysia event that held at KL.
Anyway, it was a great experience watching my own hometown dancers
performed during the event! Go go Sabah! Haha....

Anyway, back to the main topic.... what was it about again ah???
Hmmm.... let me see.... (*eyes looking at the title...)
Ohhh.... wth! 
I was filled with too much frustrations till I forgotten about
what I wanting to write about.
Okay... so here is it... the dCim show...
what was it about?
Mainly about photography.....
they promote stuff, sell stuff, make stuff and stuff u with super cool promotions!
Also we get to see some hot babes from the Velocity Angels 2010 competition! :)


Digital Camera, Imaging & Media Show - Malaysia's Premier Photography Exhibition
Located at Midvalley Exhibition Centre Hall 2 & 3
From 14-16 May 2010

The people that I went to the exhibition with is as stated below...

Alvin's friend that I 1st met during the previous PC Fair 2010... Nicholas.
OMG... I just reminded myself that I still haven't post about the PC Fair yet...
too many pending post.... :(

This is Alvin... most of u know him la so no need further introduction.

This friend, seriously I don't know how to spell his name... Bernatte I think?
Alvin, correct or not? Anyway, Hi5 to another Nikon user! XD

Alvin & Nicholas checking out Bernatte's cam... mounted with Tamron SP90... legendary macro lens!

Oh... and I got my Nikon D*** sensor & body cleaned by Nikon.
They did a really good work even though I have to strip naked my camera... haha!
(Actually we just have to take out our battery, memory card and also detach the lens...)

Models promoting tripod from DIGICOLOR... my favorite shop in Jalan Ipoh...
Full with barang-barang China... cheap and good!

Another shot of the models... just wanted to snap the lens flare with the spot light on... haha!

Uhhh.... DCIM main sponsor is Canon... so I understand the arrangement quite well :)

So below are a few shots that I took during the Velocity Angels 2010 performance.
I'm not really satisfy with the shot cause I was standing too far and there's too many tall people in front of me even though I am already 180++cm...
They were still taller than me :(
Btw, just enjoy the photos ya....

Before the show even ended, I went off to the R16 Korea Breakdancing event
at KL Live together with Baboon Tan, Krazy & Feeq.
Too many events to post about you see! :(

That's all for now...
Which one should I post next?
Food or cute babes?
Do let me know in my comment box ya!
Till then....