I Got My Free Contact Lenses from Ciba Vision!!!

***Unrelated: I had a great night catching The Descent 2 movie screening with bloggers & new friends. I will be attending the Caught in the Middle Part IV Preview‏ at Jaya One tonight. See you there!

Last week I have received a snail mail from cibai.... opsss... Ciba Vision! XD
It was the FREE contact lenses.

I requested around end of April and it arrived on the 2nd week of May.
Not bad for a snail mail service!

Tadaa... this is the content inside the envelope...
3 pairs of Freshlook Illuminate daily disposable lenses!

They included this promotional voucher whereby we can get 30% off when we purchase the second box of Freshlook Illuminate daily disposable lenses.

So this is the effect of the Dailies Freshlook Illuminate from Ciba Vision.
I realized that my eyes actually got darker & the shape of the cornea is rounder.

My point of view, the plastic of this contact lens is really thin & light. 
My eyes felt really comfortable wearing them.
After wearing it from 10am until 11pm, my eyes actually got really itchy from 9pm onward.
I was at the R16 Korea Breakdancing contest in KL Life and the itchiness actually cost my concentration on snapping photos.
So I personally recommended not to wear this contact lens more than 8 hours.

Have you requested your free contact lens?
What are you waiting for?
Request one for yourself while it's still available!