I wanna watch Toy Story 3!!!

A show that I've been waiting for!

The ever-so-famous Buzz Lightyear & Woody!

I still remember that I watched Toy Story 1 with my dad (it was a very long time ago, I was still very young, fair & good looking! XD) & Toy Story 2 with bunch of friends in the cinema.
Until now I still kept the Woody doll which I got it from KFC kids meal...
It was a nostalgic toy even until now... (^-^)

So, in Toy Story 3... The new toy that I really wanted to see is TRIXIE!
The main reason why is because I like the color BLUE
and also I've been admire Triceratops since the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger...
Blue Ranger? That's right! Haha...

Previously, I was invited by Lisa to the screening of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D at GSC Midvalley!
It was my 1st time experience watching 3D in cinema.
Really thanks to her!

So this time round... I hope Nuffnang will give me the movie passes!
Thank you so so much in advance!
Big fan here... Muaaaaaks!
:: LOL ::