The Cool Things I Got Being a Blogger!


This is something I wanted to share with you the reason why I am so motivated to blog and also to keep updating my blog from time to time. These are the few things.....

The other day I read Shiiteck's blog post and I found out that he's not using some of the voucher he got from the Prime Time Photo Mania contest. He intended to give it away to bloggers/readers, and so I said why not give it to me? After a few days I found it in my snail mail box... So here it is :)

Thanks Shiiteck! :D

I'm going to Sushi King! I'm so gonna finish their wasabi this time! :d

I'm buying books to read, although I'm not a book person but this is something like an encouragement to me! :D

I'm jakun, so I never been to Sunway Lagoon before! 30% off for 5 tickets! :D

I am thinking to go for a food review here, anyone interested? Do let me try it out 1st... haha!

I know many of us said that Carl's Junior are quite expensive but with these vouchers I can actually enjoy the food there just like Burger King/McD's price... It's better taste than both of them I guess...

Also not to forget I have received this from Baboon Tan. He help me to collect it from the Nuffnang office which I don't even remember to collect it. Anyway thanks Baboon!
It was an event held on the 17th April 2010.
The very 1st time I see 500+ bloggers gathered together to participate in the Largest Bloggers Gathering.

A few things that I would like to highlight here:

Events I've joined:

Movies I've watched:
The Killers
The Descent 2

Best prize I've received:

and many more... but that's the one that I could remember.

If there's one day all that cool stuff be taken away from my blogging life, I would still keep blogging because I know that I started off blogging without thinking of earning a single cent from it.

So to everyone out there, keep blogging even till after retirement.
There's always a good story to tell from each of us.
All the best!