IR1968 Indochine Restaurant & Bar (Food Review)

Last Wednesday night, Lisa and I have organized a food review at IR1968. We invited 8 bloggers for the food review as permitted by the owner herself. We were supposed to be there at 6pm, Vialentino and Taufulou were the earliest to reach that place followed by the rest of us...

This is the building where IR1968 is located, the building itself is called Terrace which is actually the third branch after the first and second outlets in Causeway Bay & Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The name of the shop itself tells its own story whereby it was the first Indonesian restaurant was born on Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1968. That's why before some of us were born and our parents might still be very young at that time! The restaurant was first pioneered by Hudson Chang's father. It was such an eventful day where Debbie Goh was actually dining in one of the branch and was attracted with one of the food in the menu which is called the 'Semur Lidah' or 'Grilled Ox Tongue'... yes it is the ox tongue! I'm serious. So that's how Debbie Goh was keen to open a outlet in Malaysia which has already accomplished today.

I had very good experience when I first enter to the restaurant. The very first moment when I step into the staircase, it gave me a very deep impression that the atmosphere of the restaurant was very warm and romantic especially for couples.

The dining table, the plates and the lighting were very well chose to give all the customers the very traditional feel. I heard from Lisa that the table was actually self painted by themselves and I think they had done a pretty good job on that, I can never find the same texture anywhere else in Malaysia so far.

This is the inside view of the restaurant. There's always changes happening around whenever there is events, reservation or functions held in the restaurant. Customers would never be bored by the same arrangement of the tables and chairs there. Not to forget that IR1968 is also a bar whereby customers can enjoy chilling out with various option of great wine after a hardworking day there.

For those who prefer to sit outside to breathe in the fresh air rather than sitting inside the air-conditioned room. You can choose to sit outside the balcony where there's a lot of decorations along the balcony. I do enjoy looking at the lantern-shaped light in every parts of the restaurant.

I have done reviewing about the place and the history. 
Now let's talk about the FOOD & DRINK! :)

The Drinks
We are very privileged to actually try out their two new drinks which were not even in the menu yet! We were served with 4 different drinks, the price is quite affordable and it taste good! Let me explain to you one by one! :)

Fresh Peach Tea
My favorite drink of all! Maybe cause I'm a peach lover but this was actually the best I ever tasted in my life! Unlike those artificial peach tea I have drank before, this one, the fresh peach on the top and the tea at the botton that you can see in the picture is awesomely delicious! It cost for only RM12 per glass (not in the menu yet!).

Sour Plum Juice
This is a very good drink before the meal, it can boost up your appetite. I'm not into sour plum but this one taste good and best to drink before the meal! It cost for only RM12 per glass ( also not in the menu yet!).

Mango Kiwi
I tasted mango and orange, mango and carrot but this one is the first Mango Kiwi I have ever tasted. It really creamy and thick. Indeed a very good combination and mixture. I will never forget the taste of it.
It is also cost for RM12 per glass.

The last drink that was recommend by the owner has the longest name of all!
Ice Lemongrass Ginger Tea
When I first tasted it, I can really taste the ginger in my mouth. It gave me a very refreshing feeling. Also it was my first time drinking lemongrass. Very healthy indeed!
It cost for RM10 per glass.

Enough said for the drinks... now let's take a look on the food!
Recommended by the owner!

Perkedel Jagung
An Indonesian shrimp corn cake.
Everytime I eat this, I just couldn't have enough of this!
A very good starter and it cost RM15.

Gado Gado
  An Indonesian salad with bean curd, bean sprout, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, potato, egg, prawn cracker with their very own made peanut sauce. I really enjoy the sauce a lot and a refill for me is a must! :D This starter cost RM18.

Sop Bontot 
Or know as the Indonesian Ox Tail soup.
This one is their signature soup, regardless of the awful name it has, it is one tasty soup!
RM12 per person.

Chinese double boiled Shark's Bone soup
It is so creamy that I could lick the bowl until the very last drop! 
RM20 per person.

Sop Wanton
Or also know as Chinese double boiled prawn soup with wanton.
RM15 per person.

Ikan Asam
   Spicy and sour fish. I am sure this one could blend well with white rice serving and also it is not too spicy for me. Ohh.. it reminds me of the one I had back in Sabah. This one cost RM38 per serving.

Ayam Asam Kacang
Fried chicken with peanut & plum sauce. Another unique dish with peanut and plum sauce combination. Only for RM22 per plate.

Semur Lidah
This is the Grilled Ox Tongue that I was talking about earlier. This is the customer favorite dish, including me and IR1968 truly own signature dish.
I had a good time looking at Baboon's expression that he blamed me for not telling him that this was actually the ox tongue... but he didn't really mind cause the taste was really good! It melts in your mouth and every bite was so so tender!

Tahu Goreng Telor
  Fried bean-curd and egg with peanut sauce.
This was one of Hudson's favorite dish!
It cost RM18 per plate.

Nasi Goreng Special
  A special fried rice with 2pcs chicken satay, fried egg and prawn cracker.
 The satay was so so good... yummy!
It cost RM 25 per plate.

Nasi Kuning Campur
This yellow ginger rice comes with beef rendang,fried chicken, eggs and crackers.
The yellow rice is actually served only on Sunday in Indonesia. It was a tradition for them to have it on every Sunday, also the cone like shape is a tradition for them as well!
We are so privilege to be able to have it in Malaysia everyday!
The beef rendang is very tender and different from the ordinary beef rendang that we use to had at the Malay restaurant or even at the Malay wedding ceremony!
Priced at RM25 per plate.

Sotong Kuning Goreng
The fresh squid with yellow ginger, salt and pepper.
I like squid so this is on my 'LIKE' list.... haha!
Only cost RM38 per plate.

Hudson Chang, the co-owner of the restaurant explained to us the history of the restaurant and also every food that has been served to us on that night. He has given us a very detailed explanation and I can see that he is a very dedicated person into Indochine cuisine.

Notice that Baboon was actually recording his speech using his mobile phone. Hehe...

Our so-ever-pretty 1998 Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant, Debbie Goh performed some 'Wing Chun' moves to us... nah... just kidding! She was actually telling us why she was so keen to open the restaurant in Malaysia.

Look at all those food served to us on that night! It makes me grins for more now! :D

Toninkush and I, thanks for coming! He won himself an invite through the blog comment contest that I posted a few days back.

Jayleo (with his signature pose) and I, thanks for coming as well even though it's a bit last minute for you. I still can recall the first time we met was at the Samsung 3D LED TV launch in KL Convention Centre.

A camwhore attempt from me with Tonin, Jayleo, Baboon & Wendee... 
As usual, I'm not a good camwhorer! XD

Taufulou with the surprise thank you gift and also our sincerely comments card! Each of us wrote down our signatures and blog link into the printed color paper and we insert it in a nice wooden picture frame.

Thumbs up for IR1968!
We had a lovely time enjoying the food and drinks there!
So here's my Munkey Ratings!

The very good and convenient thing that I found in this restaurant is, they actually provides 50 free car park space next to the building! So there will be lesser hassle in finding a parking lot and worried about the parking fees! There will be a friendly security guard looking after your car as well!

The address:
Terrace at Hock choon
1st Floor, 241-B, Lorong Nibong
Off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

For reservation & inquiry, please contact:
Tel: 017-8832160 or 03 -21413550