Mister Potato & Prince of Persia!!!

***Unrelated: These few weeks I have been very busy with my new job and settling down in my new place. Sorry for not updating my blog and to keep all my readers waiting. Anyway, here's an outdated one from me. I will be writing more in my blog and at the same time I will upload some related photos into my write up... :)

Hi again!
It has been more than a week since I last update my blog.
The previous one was the Fish King Pizza Hut post.
Hopefully I will win that blog contest!
NN.... plsssss......

Anyway, thanks to Nuffnang & Mr. Potato
for the invitation to catch...
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
on 27 May 2010 | 9.30pm,
Cathay Cineplex, The Curve


On the screening night, I met up with Baboon, Jason, Xiang, Jacquelyn, Xiang's friend, Jia Yeen & Spectre at the makan place in IKEA for dinner. The one thing that I must order whenever I am dining there is the Swedish Meatballs! :D So irresistible and it's only for RM14!

A few bloggers left us early and so the five of us had a photo snapping session there.

Top left to bottom right: Baboon Tan, Jia Yeen, Jason, Spectre & me!

After dinner and the snapping session, five of us went over to The Curve to get our tickets! :D

Spot anything wrong here?
Percia should be Persia... A silly mistake there.

The Nuffnang guys busy sorting out the Mister Potato chips for us. We had one tube each!
It taste ok and of course it's healthier than normal chips! :)

Robb Chew, the Sotongzai busy at the ticket booth.

The early guys.... Bloggers unite! :D

More pictures... without me! Hehe...
(Left to right: Spectre, Jason, Vince, Jia Yeen, Jayleo, Fiona Lee, Baboon Tan)

We built a Mister Potato tower out of 9 Mister Potato tubes!!! :D

My date for the movie ONLY.... Jia Yeen
Thanks for coming!

 Adrian Leong, or AL... the magic man...

I managed to pursue Adrian Leong, a magician blogger to perform a few magic tricks.
Haha! He was good... I really enjoyed it and he was really nervous at that time.
Anyway, thanks for performing it in public!

Jayleo, trying out the rubber band to see if it's real or fake.

The bloggers, getting ready for the show inside the movie hall...


My personal review of the show.
I will give 3.5/5 stars overall for it.
Storyline is quite different from the game.
Those who have played the game before might be confused with the story.
The CGI is quite nice at the beginning, towards the end I think they got lazy and it wasn't nice at all. It was too fake especially the part when he jumped & landed on the stone near the ending part. I can see that Prince Dastan was like flying & not jumping.
But I'm sure it is a show that worth to be watch.

Before I sign off...
Once again, I would like to thank Nuffnang & Mr. Potato