My Football Moments with Nando's!

***Unrelated: Announcement for the Pulau Redang trip. It has been postponed to September due to some reasons. I hope you guys read this! :)

World Cup fever is here!
Indeed it has not been a good start for some of the country but I'm really proud of Asian country achievement so far. Japan & South Korea really performed very well in their 1st match! :)

A few days ago which is on Friday, I saw a status update from Nando's Malaysia and also at the same time a tweet from Peri Chick. I found out that Nando's is giving out a set of 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelinesl ON-THE-HOUSE!!! The only condition I must follow is to show up with my favorite World Cup 2010 team’s jersey. Then I said to myself, why not? 

The good news is, I own an England jersey and the nearest Nando's outlet is at Tropicana City Mall.

and the bad news is...

The last admission to make redemption strictly at 6pm and only valid on that day...
the time was already 2.30pm and it was raining cats & dogs out there!

Yes I know I am working on that day and I should be staying until 5pm but my boss has let me off earlier but damn... the rain...

Then at 4pm, the rain stopped! Hou yeah! :)
I quickly get back home to change, brought along my umbrella and head straight to Nando's.

My England jersey.
A birthday present from my church youth back in KK, Sabah.

 I reach there at about 5.30pm and I didn't see anyone with a jersey on... -.-
So I just walk in and talk to one of their staff and they served me with a big smile on their face.
In my heart, they must be saying... "OMG... there's really someone who came all the way wearing a football jersey just to have a free set here..." That was just playing in my mind for a few seconds.
I was really excited to have my 1st meal in Nando's...
Yes! Indeed it was my 1st time...
You can say I'm a sakai or jakun...
So what?
Everyone in this world has their 1st time...
Why should I feel embarrass about that? Haha...

Ohh... I really like this picture. Btw, all my pictures in this post was taken with my antique iPhone 2G camera. The very 1st generation of iPhone. I shall get the iPhone 4... Steve Jobs please give me one! I promise I will be a good man! XD

The menu...

 I wanted to get the 'Extra Hot Peri-Peri' but I was afraid it would be too hot for my liking so I chose the 'Hot Peri-Peri' instead.

The 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines which cost rm14.95 before tax.
Worth it! :)

 For the sidelines, I chose Peri Chips & Coleslaw as recommended by their staff :)

So here's the set! Yummy!
The glass of ice coke I ordered is actually refillable! :D
Really helps when u are eating the Extra Hot/Hot Peri-Peri Chicken!

OMG! I dislike to camwhore but I did! XD
Itadakimasu!!! :D

Everything is so tasty and I do like the Peri Chips... it is big and long!
Ehemmm.... haha....! :P

I have tried their Extra Hot Peri-Peri sauce, it is very very hot and I think my mum will like it!
Basically I am family influenced for hot food because ever since I was a child until the age of a teenager I dislike hot food but I really not sure why I kinda like hot food now. The more the better but still I got a limit. Maybe it's because there was once my mum told me... "to be a man you need to learn to eat hot food..." while my younger sis looking at me with a smiley face... I know she must be laughing out loud in her heart because she really can swallow a chilly at that time.
Well forget the pass and let it be a lesson to learn...
So I proceed to walk around Tropicana City Mall...
It is a cool place, not too crowded and the GSC... no long queues on a Friday night unlike One Utama!

 I found out that they have this free shuttle bus services to Kelana Jaya LRT so I waited for the one at 9pm.

While waiting, I went around and I stumbled by the Borders discount fair at the main lobby.

 Do you guys remember this book? Somewhere in a movie?
Gosshh.... I might be the next killer!

Besides the Rough Guide to France book... I also saw this...

 Isn't it adorable? Ha Ha! :D

The night before, when I was having conversation with my boss after watching Karate Kid. He told me that Nando's is actually from Africa.

That is why, Nando’s supports team South Africa! WooHoo…
So which team are you supporting?
Once again, thank you Nando's!