My Worst KTM Experience!

***Unrelated: Nothing unrelated today, just want to write more words instead of uploading photos in my blog. So my apology for posting lousy quality photos from time to time... haha... stay safe! :D 

A few months back...
I was waiting at KL Sentral station, KTM train to head to Midvalley at 3.10pm. (I know I should have taken the public bus...) The train suppose to arrive at 3.27pm but then at 3.20pm, an announcement was heard to cancel the train without any reason. So the next train arriving at 3.57pm... That was 30 minutes of delay and for most people, you would see lines on their forehead. LOL...

After some time, I look at the time and it's already 4.01pm... that's the moment I'm writing this on my iPhone digital memo. By that, it means that I have waited for almost one long hour for the train to Midvalley. (Yes, once again I should have taken the public bus)

So guess what? When the train arrived, the train was too packed and I didn't get myself into the train. The most frustrating experience is.... I was the person standing outside the door looking at the packed sardines for the door to close and I have to wait for another train at 4.27pm.

 I feel like a 'sohai' at that point of time... (sohai = idiot *in Cantonese)

 At the end, it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes just to reach Midvalley which is just one station away... Thanks KTMB! U have successfully wasted my time! I will be sure to use ur service again! *Sarcasm* KTMB, I curse u will bankrupt and will be taken over by other better transport company.
Anyway, I know u all might not like to hear this but i really do think that Malaysia transport system is managed by kampung CEO, director, managers and supervisors!

So what are you waiting for, KTMB? 
Make me famous! Lol~

One of my personal experience, it was raining and what the heck... leaking inside the train?
They bought the cheapest train is it?

Not only it was water everywhere, 
the stickers for 'DO NOT LEAN AGAINST THE SLIDING DOOR' were coming off... very embarrassing lor... :(

Trying really hard to avoid the water there... 
Luckily there wasn't any passenger putting their belongings on the floor... 
or else surely they will curse KTM for their whole life! 

My personal opinion/suggestion about KTM:
1. The station is freaking hot, for those enclosed train stations especially KL Sentral, please provide air-conditioning.
We are sweating like mad down there!
2. The speed of KTM trains are not consistent, always make inconsistent slow down and most important it keeps delaying!
3. I'm so in love in standing very close to the railway, no announcement to stand behind the yellow/boundary line for safety purposes.
4. Please maintain the trains well, it's so dirty disgusting for God sake!
5. Please don't publicize about getting more environment friendly and faster trains. 
Improve the train services and everyone will enjoy KTM.

Btw, there's a KTM photography competition started March 2010 till August 2010...
If you are keen to join just log on to

I don't really like their train service but it doesn't stop my photography interest from joining the competition. It's still about the passion at the end of the day.

Do let me know if you have bad KTM experience...
Thanks for reading.