Bon Odori 2010 @ Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam

A few Saturday ago which was on the 17th July 2010, I felt so delighted that I did not need to go to work on that particular day. So I had a very good chance to witness the Bon Odori fest at Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam with a few friends and bloggers. Before that, I would like to thank Spectre for asking me to tag along for the Inception movie screening at e@Curve on that morning. It was my 2nd time watching Inception! (My first time is in here!) Damn it was good, just like the Matrix but this one is less complicated... Leonardo diCaprio really played the character, Cobb very well indeed! A good job done by the director Christopher Nolan and I didn't even hesitate to download Memento (another old movie directed by Christopher Nolan back in the year 2000 and it has won many awards till 2002). It was awesome too! But I didn't really  quite enjoy watching The Dark Knight though, maybe it was too long and I think I have been already been watching a lot of Batman's movie so many things were within my expectations.

Okay, enough with my short movie review.
Now back to Bon Odori...
Actually, I really have no idea what it is about but someone told me it's like a Chinese 'qing ming' festival. So without being incorrect about the facts, I Google-d it up and it was actually,"A Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families. Traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors."
This event was held by The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur.
I'll let the pictures w/ captions do the talking now :)

The bloggers I went to Bon Odori with...
Top left: Jiayeen Top right: Tonin
Bottom: Spectre

The people I met there...

Ching Yih and his friend Jan Yee.

 Shereen and her friend... (I totally forgot her name! Paiseh la! >..<)

This is Shereen with Xiu Qi... hmm... looks like Shereen is looking at something interesting there. Perhaps a young and handsome good looking man like Ching Yih? Wakakaka! XD
Oh btw, they both own this blog site called

You won't believe the amount of people there. It was so crowded that although I have not been to any Bon Odori fest before but I can really feel the heat inside the stadium.
Btw, the girls took a lot of the fans to cover their face from the sun. It looks like as if they are making an umbrella out of it... =.=

The hungry me and the innocent sushi...
*Credit to Ching Yih for this photo!

Anyway, did I told you what I have for my dinner?
We packed sushi from Jusco at 1Utama earlier to minimize our food expenses there!
Aren't we smart? Haha...

My mixed sushi set from Jusco! It's only for RM9.90...
Btw, I 'sapu' all their wasabi and I cried through out my dinner!
Itadakimasu! :)

Some more photos snapping after dinner...
Tonin & Jiayeen, I think their expression in the 1st picture is quite funny!
Looks like an awkward moment there... but funny! Haha!

We purposely took this photo with the cute girl, I think the dad is a Caucasian got married with a Japanese wife and this is the end product... LOL! :D

More bloggers that I know went to the fest!

(That was my 1st time meeting Kelyn, she came all the way from MMU, Malacca)
I like my Wildchannel '69' cap so so much! Haha...)

There bloggers!
From left to right: Kelyn, Shiiteck & Ching Yih

A group shot before the performance starts...

The drums, dancers and people around them!

This is the traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors. Everyone was dancing along, it feels like the 'Makarena', 'Asereje' or 'Para Para Sakura' dance but in a traditional method... HAHA!

The dancers from The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur preparing themselves for a dance performance which we totally missed! XD

Oh ya! I have incredibly good new for you guys from Jiayeen...


She got married to a clown guy which she met in the Bon Odori fest few years ago and they gave birth to a son. So now they live happily ever after..........
(Please don't kill me for this!)