Find Rooms To Let in PJ

Hi Hi!

1st of all let me tell you a story of why I can end up in the place I'm staying now which is in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. To be frank, I am not very familiar with PJ area even though I have a few close relatives that have been staying in this area for their whole life. Initially, I was born and grew up in Sabah so living in a big city need a little time for me to get use to and adapt with the environment.

So to cut the story short, I found a job in Kota Damansara and I was really praying hard to find a place to stay nearby to cut the traveling time and most of all to minimize my transportation fees. Guess what? I searched all around for a room to rent around PJ, looking at the public walls and websites and I did find some good deals but those were too far from my working place and I'm yet to get familiar with the area. I even went to 7-11 nearby to get some information on room for rent, but so far... most of the rooms have been occupied or too far away.

I have already wasted a lot of my precious time waking up at 6am to go to work, travel for 2 hours and spent at least RM10/day for transportation fees. Without anymore proper plan, I have decided to rent a room in a condo nearby my workplace which is only 15 minutes of walking distance away. I tell you, the price was not cheap and I have to pay the deposit and 1st month earnings with my savings and it really break my hearts... all my blood and sweat of hard earn money! :(

After a month or two, I was actually recommended to this site about room for rent in PJ and I found it very friendly user and it has the sidebar which make it so easy to find a room by location. I have tried searching for the current places that I am staying in and the sad thing is, I can actually get a room at the same condo which is lower than what I am paying now! Gosh! I felt like I was cheated by the house owner! Too bad for me because I am too late, what I can only do is to stay on till I find a better place in order not to waste the room deposit money. So I really hope to all my fellow readers out there, don't end up like me, try the site and you will get the best out of it!

You can actually register at the website to login if you are looking for a room urgently by just posting your ads. So far from what I have seen in the website, there's a lot of new entries everyday from different location in PJ alone or any other areas and it's really simple! I'm sure that you would easily find a room which is suitable for you and close enough to your school, workplace or even your girlfriend's house! :)