Firm Photography at FRIM?

***Unrelated: World Cup fever has been engagingly taking over my life these days, didn't get much sleep and I was too busy my stuff so I couldn't update frequently. Well anyway, I hope that July will be a good month for all of us. I had a wonderful time in June, I hope you did too! :)

Hi Guys!
  Let me present to you my firm photography at FRIM!

Why firm photography?
I went there for a photography job for my company/firm lor...
but I will only show the photos that I took randomly with my Canon Powershot G9.

What is FRIM and where is it?
FRIM stands for Forest Research Institute Malaysia and it is located at Kepong, Selangor D.E.

That's all the introduction for this entry. Any inquiry, just drop it in my comment box!
So now I will let the picture speak its thousand words.......

'The Signs'
(I personally think it's too messy, they can actually compile all together onto 1 direction board)

'The Path'

'The Green'


'Wavery Pattern'

'Fungi in the House!'

'Mutated Tree Trunk'

'No Leave Framed'

'Creepy Crawlers'

Last but not least.....
'The Beast'
Nikon D3x mounted with Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8