LG Cookie Monster Party (Full Entry)

Hi all...
As promised by me from the previous teaser post.
This is the full post entry on the LG Cookie Monster Party organized by LG and Nuffnang last Saturday at Neutral Club, Jalan P.Ramlee.

At about 5 something in the evening, I met up with Shiiteck and Vivian at Berjaya Times Square first before we car-pooled Roslyn's car to the party venue at 6pm. While waiting for Roslyn, Shiiteck and I got to look for our costume props for the party. Maybe we were too last minute, we just quickly grabbed those stuffs which were decent looking and affordable. Not long after we purchase our stuff, Roslyn arrived and she drove us all the way and through all the traffic jams of the city just to reach Neutral Club! Bravo senorita! A big thank to u! :)

Let me change the scene into what's happening inside the club...

Shiiteck the Doctor Frankenstein - the 1st blogger I met that day (at Berjaya Times Square)

2nd price goes to Vivian the Pink Monster Dress and our unofficial driver, Roslyn the Mechanic Monster Girl! Haha! Nice name!

Ah..... this one is cute, Carmen the Miss Potato Head and she calls me Mr Potato Ass!
Wakakaka! XD

Vince - The so controversal young boy who people always thought that he was a fully matured guy when readers read his blog. Beware of his young charm... he bites! Hahaha!

Ermm.... okayyy... this is Baboon Tan, one of the monkey family member and Shiiteck, was trying to act cute like what Vince did but... I thought it was  a little gay of him posing with the pink horn... HAHA! XD

Baboon & The Dr.Slump/Mutant/LadyGaga/Ugly Betty Cayenne???

The horror team! They'll come to you when you are asleep with your mouth open! :P

Mr Shreky Sia as the emcee of the nite... opsss I mean Kenny Sia...
Does he looks like the life version of Shrek? I did think so :P

Picture #1: Vince brought up a hairy monster fella... really damn hairy can?
Picture #2: Either Wendy or Vivian brought up a partner with a devil horn hair band, they both had it... :)

After that, there's a second round game which requires the voluntary 5 bloggers to go up on stage to finish the whole packet of Chipsmore and drink a pack of milk. It sounds easy but it is NOT!

Picture #1: Bloggers opening their chipsmore packet.
Picture #2: Nom-noming! :D

Doctor Frankenstein in action! Nom Nom! :D

Picture #1: The emcee announced the winner is .........................!
(please fill in the blanks for me as  I have forgotten the name of the person, paiseh leh... anyway thanks! XD)
 I could hear him whining about water the whole time after he was announced as the winner.
Picture #2: The crowd who supported!

The highlight performance of the night is the....


All the sexy and cute Nuffies performed the dance Nobody by Wondergirls very well indeed! :)

I didn't expected to give an impromptu photography lesson to Roslyn that night. Anyway, all the best in photography. Hope to see more photos from you ya! Just remember: Practice makes perfect! :)

The finalist for the Best Male & Female Costume!

The horror team! Ewwwwww.... (the most left is a male actually!)
The middle one won the Best Female Costume by the way! :)

The cute cute team! 
The Bunny, Stitch and Miss Cookie Monster!

Robb's partner as the Polar Bear, Nuffnang Malaysia Manager-Nicholas as the vampire and Simon as the bad Vegeta! XD

The best male costume goes to none other than....
The Predator... I knew he will win the best male costume and he did!
Truly deserved the phone for all the efforts! :)

I didn't get a clear shot of the top 3 best blogs for the LG blogging contest, well I might just skip the 1st & 2nd runner up and the winner was Nicole Chua!

Oh and I realized something as I browse through my photos... aren't they too adorable to be categorized as monster? Awwwwww.......

ARRRRRRGGGhhhh.... Kenny Sia shouted, after realizing his Shrek's mask has been molested violently by the Wondernuffies for uncountable times!

Till then!


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