The Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 2010 [Part 1]


As you all know, Fifa World Cup 2010 fever is almost coming to the end. I am sure most of you has been quite disappointed with the results lately. What can we do? Luck is not always on our side (participated countries). So whatever the result is... let's celebrate it with the spirit of sportsmanship!
Waka waka eh eh! :D

The latest event that I have been to...

Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 2010 is a 5 vs 5 street soccer competition and the whole event was sponsored by... none other than Nike. 
Nike, is one of my favorite brand. I love Nike since I was a kid and even more now. 
Especially Nike shoes, cap and wrist band..... 
I would like to have any camouflage Nike stuff for my birthday! >..<

The winning team for this competition stand a chance to win a football trip to Brazil or an exclusive training program with Brasil Futsal Academy. The Nike Cup is divided into 2(two) categories which is:
Category 1: 14 – 16 years
Category 2: 17 – 19 years

On the very same day, Baboon Tan called me up and had an extra exclusive pass to watch Nidji, Bunkface, Pesawat, Pop Shuvit and many more at the Dataran Merdeka. Not to forget the final game for 5 vs 5 street soccer competition.

I simply like the simple things they did with bottles! It's creative!

LOL... the 'thing' down there was taking too much attentions behind the tights! >..<

Brazil has disappoint me very badly by losing to Netherland... they deserved it very well since they didn't perform as what I have expected! Kaka is overrated! I prefer Luís Fabiano through out their matches!

Ahhh.... Nike sure proud that Netherland managed to get into the final!
They played very well and not as written by the football critic.
Maybe they can create history this time by winning their 1st Fifa World Cup! :)

USA, they smashed England in the 1st round... they do have strong players but too bad they can't defeat Ghana in the 2nd round :)

Portugal... they lasted till quarter final but Christiano Ronaldo is just overrated!

Nike Fifa World Cup 2010 ball the black edition!

The same football shoe that wore by Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal.
It cost RM999.00 a pair! @.@

I wish the whole world is smoke free zone! Save the environment and human too! :D

World Cup themed! It is based on Nike sponsored country team in Fifa World Cup 2010!

Nike sponsored 9 country in total for this year's world cup which are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, USA, Netherland, New Zealand and Korea! :)

Can you write the future?

Another Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur shot attempt!

I like graffiti arts! Although they stinks through out the process! :)

Last but not least... Baboon Tan with the 'vuvuzela'!

Did you know that the sound of a 'vuvuzela' is like THE SOUND OF A DUCK ON SPEED?

Haha... more photos in Part 2 is next! :)