Rush Hour @ Manhattan, The Curve!

Hi all!
Last Friday, it was a privilege to be invited to The Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve to try out their 'Rush Hour @ Manhattan'.

As some of us are experiencing being rush in our daily life, going back home after school or work... 
so Rush Hour @ Manhattan is very suitable and essential for our needs when it comes to dining!

It is also the 1st time for them to introduce the 'Takeaway-Friendly' concept whereby customers can choose to pre-order their meals via a phone call to their nearest restaurant, swing by the restaurant and their food conveniently waiting to be 'taken-away'.

This is the overview what's inside the The Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve outlet.

I really like looking at the menu board with chalks writing :)

By the way, The Manhattan Fish Market is actually inspired by the Fulton Fish Market down on Fulton Street underneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, 180 years ago! That's way before my great grandfather was born! XD

Now lets welcome the food!

One of the waiter was flaming the pie, I was quite shock at that moment because I wasn't told anything about it since I was the latest to arrive there. Haha!

So this is it, the Flamin' Tuna Pie (Rm15.90)
A hearty pie made of chunky tuna bit, packed with sauteed veggies, topped with creamy mozzarella and flamed! My favorite of all! This potato was very soft and the tuna was really tender!

Wrap 'N Roll (RM14.90)
Scrumptious tuna flakes wrapped in tortilla, packed with garden-fresh veggies drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming Sauce and served with a side of chips (fries).
It was funny that I thought they served the chips to me but I was told it was not the main thing. Haha!

Flakin' Fun in the Garden (RM13.90)
Tuna flakes served on a bed of fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard dressing.
So healthy! I love salad! :)

Shrimp my Pasta, such a cute name... only cost RM16.90
Sauteed shrimps swirled in spaghetti in a light garlic, coriander and olive oil sauce dusted with zesty chili flakes. Good to be eaten while it's still hot!
I like shrimp too! :D

Not to forget, the Rush Hour drink... 
The Cirtrus Mint RM6.90
Crushed ice in refreshing lemon juice with cool mint.
Very refreshing indeed! :)

Besides that, we also get to try their desserts.

Chocolate Mudpie with crushed peanuts RM10.90
It's ice-cream with chocolate sauce!
It's really yummy but too bad it's too sweet for my liking.

Tiramisu RM9.90
I love tiramisu! :)

The girls.... except for the one at the most right side! XD
Left to right: Lisa, Jiayeen, Michelle, Anne, Audrey, Lea & ehem... Jayleo!

The A-Team... spot who is the coolest among us?
Left to right: Tonin, Jayleo, Spectre and Me!

My personal suggestion: 
I hope that they will provide available WiFi service for the customer so that it would be a better hang out places for the food lovers like us.

Remember this, a fish a day keeps the doctor away!
This campaign is only available for 5 weeks from 5th July till 8th August, 2010.

So what are you waiting for? 
Rush to your nearest Manhattan Fish Market for Rush Hour now! :)


*credit to Jia Yeen and her baby for all the photos :)