Sony Fan Fiesta @ 1Utama

Hi Hi!

I know some of you guys might have recovered from the FIFA World Cup 2010 fever, so I hope this entry ain't gonna reactive the virus back into your body! Hahaha! :D

All along I thought the event was indoor so I waited and waited for it to start while waiting for our movie to start, but nothing happens... just some lame activities. By the way, A-team was good! I like the MOHAWK guy... B.A... he's so cool & funny... haha!

When I was heading to the bus stop then I realized that it was actually held outside 1Utama.

Walaaaa... the opening ceremony?

I quite like the lighting of the stage...

The backup singers

The bassist

Our local artist, Miss Hannah Tan.

She sang in three different language at that night which were the Malay, English and Mandarin. Seriously, she did could not sing Mandarin well because the song she was singing was quite famous and she kinda have ruined the whole song... luckily she did not sing in Tamil. I wonder what will happen. The last song was really anticlimax too... She sang 'We Will Rock You' by Queen and she dragged the song too long in order to get the audience to participate and sing along but we all know that the original length song is actually 2 minutes plus... I got bored initially.

No offend but I think Hannah Tan should have just sing in English if she doesn't want to be stamped as 'just another pretty face'. Thanks!

Oh... not to forget, we were quite happy that Coca Cola is serving us free cans of Cola drinks through out the night. It was really refreshing! BURRRRRRRR! >..<

This year's World Cup, I have realized most Spain fans favored David Villa more than Fernando Torres maybe due to his leg injury that he couldn't perform well and not playing for a few matches, even if he did, he was just playing for the last 10 minutes which never contribute a single goal for that.

Spain became the champion and I am sure a lot of commercial or resident developers will try to name the property as DAVID VILLA in order to enhance their sales... Maybe there's gonna be a David Villa in Petaling Jaya soon...