Dogathon 2010 [Part 1]

Woof woof!
('hello' in dog language)

Last Sunday, I spent my whole day outside shooting at Dogathon 2010 with my sister and friends.
It was my 1st time attending such big event in UPM.
I'm not a dog person but looking at them making me wanna own them! Seriously!
Too bad I'm renting a place and I am not able to get a dog as a pet, maybe turtle or fish can la... XD

The website:

On our way to Dogathon. We kinda got lost after we missed the 1st turning into UPM.
By using my dog-sense, ehhh... I mean munkey-sense, we managed to find the place.

We reach there at around 8.40am and we were welcomed by the traffic officer, a boy scout.
There were a lot of signage on the Dogathon, from big to small but the closer we gets, the smaller the signage... It's quite a funny thing to look at if you are the driver.

Our parking place, a lot of cars already! Well, we were late...
We saw a very cute dog walking into the event with its owner!

Finally we are here! Heart pumping! <3
Lot's of cute dogs ahead!

The overview of the layout map of Dogathon 2010 in UPM. I found this very helpful for the public who wants to visit the stalls or to join the activity and games there.

Every dogs need to be registered at the registration counter to be able to participate in the Malaysia Book of Record (800 participating dogs event) and then will be examined by these UPM Veterinary students. As you can see, most of the students there who examined the dogs are Muslims, with bare-hands without hand-glove some more. So I still wonder why so many Muslims are afraid of dogs. Seriously, they are same like any other cute animal just like cats, better can cats since they can be frighten away the house robbers (only applicable for big dogs like husky and golden retriever).
I strongly believe that one should wash their hands after handling pets like cats and dogs, so what's the big deal?

Main stage event.
We left the place when it was the Mummy-Go-Round event on-going at the main stage.

Moving on...

There's a lot of games and activities to be joined by the dogs and owners together such as the Master Hunt. A game that consist 2 owners of the dog... meaning you can't play this alone.

The game booth: Master Hunt, quite challenging if your dog doesn't hear you...

More games with free gift! This one is about cleanliness!

Some featured event offered in Dogathon...

Some souvenirs that are sold in the event. It's cute but quite expensive though.

The prizes! Can stock up dog food for a year! *Depends on the appetite and size of the dog.

Ancient Egypt theme for this years Dogathon.
I really wonder how it was during the Hawaii theme during the year 2004.

Red FM cruiser in the house! The crowd gathered together and have fun winning prizes from them!

My sister and her very old friend from primary school back in Labuan.
She's a Veterinary student in UPM too! :)

I met blogger, Roslyn Kong with her family and dogs of course...

This is her boyfriend and dog, participating in one of the games, called the Fastest Eating Duo.
They won a lot of cool prizes in this event!
Do check out her Dogathon updates in her blog here!

Nice Egyptian toilet signage.

Next up, more dogs & puppies photos...
My blog will take a lot more longer to load than before ya! My apology.
Anyway, stay tuned! :)