Fashion Creativity in Motion @ Jaya One

 Hi all! How was your weekend? Mine was tiring...
Hope ya'll had a good time resting or hanging out with family and friends.
Anyway, last week I was invited by Kah Wai to cover a fashion show by the Limkokwing graduates.

Fashion Creativity in Motion
Venue: Palm Square, Jaya One
Date: August 4th 2010
Time: 6:30pm

  The Venue.

The Reception.

Red ribbon for media.

The crowd waiting for the event to start!

The backdrop for the event.

The beautiful and handsome emcee of the night! :)

The event was a global showcase of talent ranging from arts and design, to song and dance as guests reveled in the night's pulsating atmposphere. I present to ya'll the opening act of the night!

Jonah by Diversity

Followed by...

The group that has a very good performance and awesome voice that blow the audience's mind away! :)

-Part 1-
The 26 Limkokwing fashion designers who were chosen for their best works, showcased their garments which included a plethora of mixes and blends of materials with influences from the great Ming Dynasty in China, to the hill-dwelling ethnic Dayaks in Borneo to the Quashghai people of Iran all the way down to the ancient Egyptians to name but a few.

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-Part 2-
The Hair Design Academy students also joined the night's events as their models strut down the catwalks in hairstyles focused on fabulous Glam Rock creations. The hairstyles were the epitome of the rock lifestyle and all it compasses with models dressed all in black allowing the hairstyles to speak for themselves.

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Beatbox performance! It's nicely done! :)

Justin Beiber anyone? Baby Baby by Stacy!

Wings to Fly!

The event was so HOT that the singer took off his coat!

-Part 3-
Featured along with the ethnic designs was the Limkokwing Black collection, a series of billowing gowns known for their impeccable tailoring and details. The collection exhibited the talented works of Limkokwing's alumni featuring garments set to dazzle with their regal elegance and ethereal elements.

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There's always someone who has sacrificed a lot for the event to happen...

"We are proud of the students and what they have accomplished here. They came up with the Glam Rock concept and their outrageous designs illustrate the hard work they put into their runway show," said Airene Wong, Associate Head of the International Lifestyle Academy.

Indeed it was an successful event.
For more info about Limkokwing Fashion and Hair Design Academy, do check out