Hilda & Kenneth's Football Madness!

(informal 'hello' in English)

Thank you all for the comments and critics that I have received for my previous set of photos on Liki Chee. Well I guess not everyone is perfect so do I. What I can do is to improve myself to suit the world from time to time. Without wasting much time, let me present to all my viewers the battle between Manchester United and Liverpool FC! Just kidding, it's the sweet couple of Hilda & Kenneth...

As usual, C&C are most welcome! :)

Featuring; Kenneth the Liverpool fan & Hilda the MU fan!

 Rivals can be lovers too... :)

 I jump but you didn't jump?

OK, let's jump!


 My eyes can kill! XD


 Spiky Hair Style!



 More photos from this sweet couple next! :)

 Last but not least, HAPPY 53rd MERDEKA DAY to all!
Majulah sukan English Premier League untuk negara! LOL! XD