Liki Chee Photo Shoot

('hello' in Dutch)

How's ya weekend? Some of you might be having a long break and might extend till Hari Raya. So what ever it is, I hope everyone will be a good state and have a safe trip. Thanks a lot for those who have commented on my previous set of photos on Jiayeen and Jayren. I really appreciate all the encouragements and critics, so keep it coming as I will be organizing some contest and prizes to be given away from time to time to appreciate my loyal and faithful readers! :)

As promised, this time round I would like to present to all of you, Miss Liki Chee.






 Yoga anyone?
 Liki is a very talented model and she has the experience to perform a lot poses during the photo shoot without having the feeling of awkward or nervous. If you are interested to hire her as a model for photography purposes or showgirl, you can contact me.
As I have mentioned on my previous post. All photos are using the same Hi-key exposures. So, background is tend to be plain and bright in order to concentrate more on the subject. All comments and critics are most welcome. (Once again, please comment on my comment box and not my chatbox or I'll have to delete my chatbox, thank you so much for doing so!)