MTV World Stage 2010 [Part 1]

('hello' in Bengali)

It was a hot and sunny Saturday noon as I took the public transport from Kelana Jaya LRT to Sunway Pyramid. Earlier on, I took free shutter bus from Ikano to Kelana Jaya LRT. Just happen that I waited to long for the bus and so I came out with an idea to save 2 bucks on a free shutter ride... It was packed but for me it was quite comfortable.

Anyway, thanks to Spectre for inviting me to MTV World Stage and did not sell away the tickets when he was offered RM80 each. Really appreciate it bro!

'The Tickets'
Spectre won total of 4 tickets to MTV World Stage!

'The Stage'
Photo taken at McDonald Sunway Pyramid :)

At first we were queuing up around 5pm but somehow the rain started to fill the earth slowly and slowly and it got really heavy! So we decided to get into the shelter before it gets worse as seen on the 2nd image...

So it was raining and this is what the girls did... they went shopping~ =.=

These are the people who went to the concert with me... recognize any familiar faces?
Spectre is the one wearing WAH SI NIN' LAU PEH t-shirt! LOL

I could see this every corner of Sunway Pyramid trying to promote the concert.

After the rain, the queue got super long and it got longer and longer until the main road after we got our raincoat, we should have taken the raincoat earlier... dyke!

This is a 'happily-waiting-face' photo of Yen. She always remind me of Soo Young from Girls Generation.

By the way, I am sorry for the photo-noises, this photo was taken under a very low light with high ISO.
Well, Canon Powershot G9 performed quite well through out the concert.

This is another 'happily-waiting-face' photo of Xiaopei @ Stephany!

Yen and I, Jayleo once again trying to pull a Colgate advertisement at the back by showing his yellow teeth! LOL

We are the Spectres... Realise what is the similarity in this photo? Hehe...

So how did the adventure end? 
Stay tune to find out more in my next entry! :)