PC Fair (II) 2010

Yow Wah Gwaan!
('hello' in Jamaican)

It's time of the year again. The second PC Fair held from 6th-8th August in KL Convention Center this year, the previous one was held around mid April and there will be another one coming up end of this year. The same thing that happened to me, I didn't buy anything from this PC Fair although I wanted to get a 1TB external hard disk to store all my photos, videos, etc... Perhaps I will be financially ready for the next PC Fair and maybe getting a new mac lappy? Any readers wanna sponsor me now? Haha! 
Can't wait for the time to come!

Anyway, lets take a look at the crowd 1st...
OMG! So many people! Can die! *Gasping for air!*
I realized nowadays the word 'can die' is commonly used in the social network.
Well at least the movie Despicable Me had successfully planted a deep impression in most of us besides their cute-little-yellow Minion.

Guys, hope you are ready for some hot chicks action!
The very first few shots are the Papago show girls!



The Papago promoter. 
She's a blogger too! Does she looks familiar to u?
Keep reading till the end to find out ya!

Next up... Team Lenovo in action!






The online game showgirls!











 Following is only for PC not Mac ya! :P


YA YA YA... I know the most right one is a famous blogger.... 
I know you all especially guys always go to her blog to see her 'B_______' LOL~

More photos from the online game showgirls!







Acer girl: L for love? <3

I got salute from the Trend Micro girls!



The HTC booth was friggin' crowded! Why? Because of them...




The girl on the left likes to make silly face expression...

Cute HTC promoters! :)

Nerdy look with spectacle can be attractive & cute too! :)

Sensonic brand from China rocks too! :D

Garmin GPS anyone? With them in my car, I will still NOT get lost in KL! XD

Please catch me dear officers! XD

So now I'm announcing the Papago promoter cum blogger...
She's Kellye Tan from
Kellye with Fang.

She's really busy and hardworking through out the fair. She doesn't even wanna go for a break just to get 2 customers to purchase the product from her! She's the real deal! XD

OK that's all from me and the girls!
So which one is your favorite PC Fair showgirl/promoter?
Remember to drop me a comment ya!


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