Why Vampires Suck? Real hard!!!

Let me tell you...



Oh, I like baby Stevie by the way! XD

No.1 Why they suck?
They never brush their teeth like ever after they transformed themselves into Vampires! Ewww!

No.2 Why they suck?
They are EMO 24/7 and trying to tackle hot chicks with that kind of look? Don't be silly!
Even Blade are pissed of them even if they were harmless...

No.3 Why they suck?
They can't expose to sun but they don't die as well, they just glittered! DAMN!

 Now they finally made a movie parody about it!
That's awesomeness awesomely AWESOME!!! XD

Check out the trailer here:

 So what do you think?

 Do yo think vampires suck or not after reading my entry?
Now lets go and watch it will ya?