DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Hi all!

If you had read my previous post about DiGi iPhone 4, here is Part 3 entitled, DiGi iPhone 4 Real.
Let me define the meaning of 'Real' which is being or occurring in fact or actuality. It is also means by having verified existence and not illusory.
Or the simplest definition of real would be... NOT FAKE! 

So what about fake?
Let me show you guys some examples below...

At the moment when Steve Jobs launch the iPhone 4 in US, the smarty pants in China have already starting to market out the iPhone 4 imitations... Those Chinese people are damn efficient I tell you!

Do you know this girl? She was once, one of the top blogger in Singapore. She was already pretty at first but after the surgery, she got even prettier, more famous &  NOT TO FORGET more plasticky! XD

If you want to get those cheap & fake products, you can easily get them at Petaling Street or Chow Kit. I guarantee you that they are durable resistance and you'll get a new one after 3 months of usage. For fake car, if you can't afford to buy Lancer Evo... go make one with your Proton Wira or Proton Waja at Ah Beng Workshop Sdn Bhd! >..<
For the rest of my blog post, what I am going to say is all REAL!
It's the fact that you and I can enjoy surfing internet & log into social network via 3G by paying lesser!
Who want to pay more? Duhhh~

There's always been a very strong telco war between DiGi, Maxis & Celcom.
Celcom is yet to launch the iPhone 4, we as Malaysian already wait for the iPhone 4 to launch in Malaysia until our neck is long... why do we still need to wait?

Maxis, I shall never pay RM100 for ivalue 1 every month although I get to pay for the iPhone 4 cheaper. But is it really cheaper when I need to pay higher monthly fees?

What about DiGi? Hmmm... Let me show you the rates below...

Lowest monthly fee at RM58 (after auto billing) and even the RM88 iDiGi 138 plan is good enough to pawn the iValue 1 from Maxis. Don't believe me? Check out the plan comparison here.

So in this post, I will briefly tell you all what you love about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans or also known as the iDiGi Postpaid Plan!

1. I'll get so much savings from the iDiGi Postpaid Plan starting from RM58 (after auto billing). What does it mean by auto billing? We are able to get the Auto Billing rebate of RM5 per month which will be reflected in the monthly Postpaid bill if we sign up for Auto Billing at the point of purchase. In this case, we can save the hassle of paying the bills! Finally I can cut one item in the monthly 'To-do-list'! Yay!

2. I can make cheaper call, SMS & MMS up to 6 people in my friends & family list while I can do the same for FREE with 6 supplementary lines! That means if I get a supplementary line for my girlfriend then I can call her for FREE 24/7! I wish I have 6 girlfriends! >..< LOL!

3. Don't you just hate it if telco continue to charge you the same speed rate after exceeding the monthly quota? With iDiGi Postpaid Plan, I can continue surfing the net but it is reduced to 128kbps speed. Meaning I can still access into Twitter & Facebook without paying the high excess usage charges!

4. Last but not least, there's no other telco that offer Easy Payment Plan like DiGi...
Check out the rates below ya~

We can choose to pay the installment either 24 or 36 months with the bank stated. Zero monthly fee is provided and we only need to pay for the excess usage charges! It's so easy that it makes me want to get an iPhone for my whole family! >..<

For more info, do check out: http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/getone_want_iphone.html
Photo credit to edward888.blogspot.com

iDiGi Postpaid Plan can really save so much money and a part of it, I can now pay for the monthly bill along side with the installments. I'm gonna say goodbye to instant noodle and hopefully I can gain weight or maybe get FAT! Weeeeeee~~~

Not really, I'm just kidding ok?
Before ending my post, do check out the 3G telco comparison video between DiGi & Maxis.

Don't you just wanna surf the net faster and at the same time you get to save money?
This is so REAL!

What can I say? DiGi always the smarter choice! :)

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