I'm Back with Bad News!

Hi guys!

I am back from Singapore and now I'm in KL again. I have spent my 1st week of my holiday. I thought it has been a fruitful one but sometimes things just won't go as planned... Below are my list that I did not expect to happen to me for the past few days.

1. I friggin' lost my Singapore simcard!
I sent my phone for a quick service and after a round of shopping at Bugis, I realized the simcard was gone in my wallet!!! It is ok if that's a prepaid simcard, although there's no way to get back a prepaid number in Singapore but the 'good' news is... it is a postpaid simcard! My heart beat 291384729384523414902 times faster while I was searching for it! Damn! I hope by the time I renewed my simcard, no one found it and start calling oversea lines... Or else I'll be dead paying the bills! x.x

2. I spent more than RM30 of DiGi prepaid credit within a week! 
I am damn poor now! I had to make expensive calls and send RM1 sms when I was in Singapore. Imagine calling a friend less than a minute ate my RM8 credit! That's like a plate of spaghetti in Spaghetti farm or a plate of fried rice with chicken wing at Kitchen Creatures! FML! The worse thing is the DiGi Free Facebook Access is not free! It keeps eating my credit until RM0.07... How do I off the WAP or GPRS off in iPhone??? Somebody please help me or I will be eating worms and tree branches soon! :(

***Latest Update: DiGi_Telco said they will give me back a refund for the charges to the usage of the DiGi Free Facebook Access. It ease my heart bit by bit! :)

3. I filled less than half of my Singapore shopping list!
I thought I will have enough time to buy everything listed in the list but think again. I didn't even get a new wallet, I just threw away my friggin' old wallet... please refer #1 for the better reason. I have no other choice but to quickly go to 1U or Mid Valley before the M'sia Mega Sale end on the 16th of September. I need to get some new shirts or I will be cold sleeping at night and a pair of Nike Dunks or else I have to walk with my naked feet... lol~ Just kidding! XD

4. 1 week down & 2 more weeks to go!
I have tonnes of work to do and I only left 2 weeks... I must buck up already! Going for 'Threesome farewell' tomorrow and Malacca trip with the girls on Thursday. I need more time!!! Please grant me 25 hours a day or 8 days in a week! :(

5. My camera admitted into the hospital!
Last week I sent my camera to service it's rubber hand grip and they haven't call me yet until today. I hope that everything will be alright and I will be able to get it back before the Pedal Away Polio event on the 18th September 2010 organized by the Roteract Club...

Anyway, life is short... 
Live life happily regardless of what situation.
If you don't like your job or what you are doing... just quit and never look back!

The only good news of the day...
My Dogathon 2010 photos are out in the Pets Magazine (Chinese version)
Do get it from Popular , My News.com and Kinokunia or those big book stand.

The dog in the cover so cute!

Also, do leave a comment on my latest post on Cayenne Photo Shoot below ya!
Stay healthy and enjoy life!