Magnum Movie Nite Submission

The following post is an submission to win ticket admissions to the following movie :

Magnum from Facebook having a FREE movie screening of "The Other Guys" to the Facebook Community in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of Magnum4D Jackpot.
This is how you can win 2 tickets;
1. email your name, IC, mobile number, occupation to
2. If you are a blogger, you just need to make a blogpost of this event like what I'm doing with the event poster (as below) then write a short post (30 words or less) on why you deserve to win 2+2 tickets in the Magnum Blogger Zone.
As simple as that.

Why I deserve to win 2+2 tickets in Magnum Blogger Zone is because.... 
I have been following up the latest movies from time to time and always being referred by friends on which movie are worth paying to watch.