Nelly & Hafiz Photo Shoot

(means 'hello' in Double Dutch)

Once again I'm back with the photo shoot session which I have organized last month specially for bloggers & friends. I have a funny experience with this one. I received a comment before the photo shoot actual day where I was informed by Nelly that she has sent an SMS to me saying she will be attending the photo shoot. I replied to the comment saying that I did not receive any SMS from her and asking whether if she's confirm coming for the photo shoot. No reply after that and I presumed that she might not be interested. On the actually day, I was quite shocked when she called me. Her bf and herself was already standing outside the studio door... haha... Anyway, she is also a blogger who blogs here:

The both of them are indeed a sweet couple! Enjoy the photos.
Comments & critics are most welcome!








Salute to the British flag! It will be funny if what she's wearing is a Malaysia flag instead of the British... LOL~

Next up: Lam Hooi Nee!


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