Stephanie Photo Shoot

(means 'hello' in Tansi... I don't even know where the heck is Tansi located in the World map)

 It has been a very busy week for me and I still have 3 sets of photo shoot to upload into my blog and my Facebook album. Anyway, here's the photos of Stephanie a.k.a Xiaopei that I took. She blog at and she came down to the photo shoot all the way from Rawang. She's a lovely girl I must say and her casual looks is more photogenic that she don't even need to try hard for it...

 Cut the story short, here it is...







Flying without wings?

My camera is back with me! So I am able to provide my photography service! Weeeeee~
Interested parties do contact me for best price ya! :)

***Unrelated: Recently, I have received a tweet by someone and she told me that I am just a blogger who paste photos and write things of what's going on, how much more stupid am I from her level when it is identical. She also added that I am pretty lame to think that a nothing like I can judge others as being stupid without doing anything and also... Get a life.
Question: Am I really that bad person? I don't even have time to say all that. End of story!