A Sunday at Subang Parade & Empire Subang Jaya

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It has been very busy for me this few days that I neglected my blog since last Thursday. Anyway, I'm here to update about my visit to Subang Parade & Empire Subang Jaya last two Sundays ago. That was my very first time visit the two malls since I am only have been in KL for about 11 months so there's a lot of places in Klang Valley that I have not went before. That's a normal thing I guess.

On that particular Sunday, I had an appointment to meet my friend, Connie, who I knew for almost 10 years in Labuan if I'm not mistaken. So it's we planned to catch up with each other and also I managed to find a place in between which is more convenient for her and myself to travel to. I actually did plan to go to Empire Subang as well since it's located just across the road.

Subang Parade
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Overview, Subang Parade building looks quite old and the architecture of the building makes it look a bit old fashioned. If it's an old building I won't bother to talk about it but this particular building is a shopping mall for crying out loud! I think the dull color makes it less interesting after all...
 What about inside? Take a look at the image below...

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Actually it is not a big shopping mall after all, I can finish walking the whole mall in less than 30 minutes time, just that the mall has a unique concept whereby there's bridges to go to the other side of the mall as seen in the above image. Other than that the whole place is actually not really well organized and there's not much variety of food places to be found there. From what I remember, there's McD (where I have my lunch there before meeting my friend), Kenny Rogers, Nando's, Chicken Rice Shop, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Big Apple Donut and a few more food outlets... Before going, I actually Googled about the mall and I thought they actually have a cinema there but I guess they have changed the place to Celebrity Fitness.

My friend, Connie who have not taken her lunch after work wanted to have Kenny Rogers for lunch since she had not eat it for quite some time.
Fizzy Autumn from Kenny Rogers. It cost RM5.90 excluding gov. tax & service charge.
Well it's just coke with 1 scoop chocolate ice-cream. Nothing special about it but I like both of it individually, so why not? Hehe...

After window shopping lingering around Subang Parade, we decided to take a look what's in Empire Subang Jaya. One who crossed the road, surely you'll get there... be careful of cars though :)

Empire Subang Jaya
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 The Empire Subang Jaya is actually very obvious for those who drive along Federal Highway or those who are taking KTM from Subang Jaya station to Batu Tiga station or vise-versa. You'll never miss it.
The place actually gave me a deep impression that there's a lot of expensive outlets and it looks more like  a luxury condominium or office tower to me rather than a normal shopping mall.

The very 1st thing when we reach the mall is to find the wash room... haha... I quite like the texture and colour of the walls, well of course the signage for male and female wash room, 'his' and 'hers', what about for the handicapped one? It always looks like a person is sitting on the loo... =.=

I think Empire Subang Jaya is a very nice mall for young and old but for now I can't make any conclusion since some of the unit is not opened yet especially the top floor... It would be good if they plan to open a cinema there, doesn't matter if it's GSC, TGV or Cathay. Anything will do cause I don't really like the overcrowding feeling in Sunway Pyramid. I just can't wait for the sliding 'thing' to be done. Hope it's opened for all age! >..<

My icy cool Tiger beer @ happy hour!

We had Fajitas Trio at Chili's for dinner, 2 of us barely finish it! RM40.95 with no extra charges on the tortillas. This is super recommended! :)

This is the sweet cream, guacamole and some other vegetables cutlet that comes with it! :)

 The included 3 pieces of tortillas and more 3 pieces after that off the bill. The plain water is FOC as well! Oh did I mention that it was my 1st time dining at Chili's? Such a good day for 1st time! XD
For the ease of some of you guys who wanted to check out the place. Here's the map, not very in detail though... do take note that the KTM commuter station is the Subang Jaya station.

Hari Raya is coming in a few days time. Shopping malls are now packed with last minute shoppers. I'll be celebrating my Raya break in Singapore this Thursday onward. I might not be updating until I'm back on Sunday. So more updates on the photoshoot will be posted after the trip and also hopefully I will get more stories and materials from Singapore to write about.

That's all from the CleverMunkey.
Stay healthy and take care!