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October 3rd, 2010
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Various of scrumptious food and drinks!
This is a food review at...

-Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe-

When I first arrived in Fullhouse, I was warmly greeted by the cafe attendants.
I have no idea whereabouts the  food review take place since the area of cafe is actually quite big and it has two floors. Let's take a look what's inside and the interior of the cafe...

Ground floor and going up the staircase...

Interior and decorations of the first floor.

Basically the concept of Fullhouse is about combining Western and Asian dishes cafe with a lifestyle store where customers can purchase clothes, accessories many more at one place while dining there at the same time. Each section of the cafe is decorated to resemble the different spaces like bedroom, bathroom, courtyard and more. Most of the decorations are available for sales. One can choose from the closets full of clothes, portrait frames, key chains, to the potted plants, the canopy bed drape and the hanging crystal chandelier. I found some really cool and nice shades there too! :)

Bloggers in action! Snap snap snap!
Without wasting my dear readers time, let me introduce you to their new menu.
I'll start off with the 5 new drinks first...

Vanilla + Kiwi Fruit + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended (RM8.90)

Rose + Strawberry Magic Ball Special Ice Blended (RM8.90)

Peach + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended (RM8.90)

I personally ordered this when I first saw the word 'tiramisu'...
 Tiramisu + Magic Ball (RM9.90)
The taste of tiramisu is simply soothing and creamy. It comes with the Magic Ball which is actually not an ordinary black pearl like the one that comes with the Bubble Milk Tea but it's actually has a chocolate content and the feeling of it bursting inside my mouth. It was pure awesomeness...
I might be a little exaggerated on this but do try it and experience it yourself.
Do take note, it's not a good thirst quencher.

Vanilla + Dragon Fruit + Strawberry Vanilla Special Ice Blended (RM9.90)

Done with the new drinks, simply refreshing... now let's check out the food!
Let me introduce to ya'll their best seller!

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop 葡萄干黑椒鸡排酱 (RM 16.90)
is the best seller at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe.
The chicken chop is tenderly cooked and I have not much trouble in every juicy bite.
The food presentation was just too simple but I do like the taste of the mashed potato!

Al-Funghi Spaghetti 菌菇香料意粉 (RM 14.90)
A simple spaghetti I should say. Average taste.

Vongole Spaghetti (RM 16.90)
I prefer this one than the Al-Funghi. Maybe it's the chilly flakes but this one is a bit oily.

Oyster  Mornay 芝士烤生蚝 (RM 6.90 each/  RM 15.90/3 pieces)
This has a lot of cheese in every oyster. Something different I suppose.

 Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab 香酥软壳蟹 (RM 10.90)
*photo credit to Xiangcool.com 
One of my favorite dish. The shell is quite crunchy and very easy to swallow, maybe it's the oil. 
Yet again, there's no strong accents of crab meat. Hmmm...

Sear Seabass 日式石甲鱼 (RM 26.90)
The fish was quite okay although it has a fishy smell.
Forest  Mushroom Soup 烤杏仁森林蘑菇汤(RM 8.90)
Taste is just nice and creamy. Those who like to drink mushroom soup will enjoy this!

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel 枸杞当归鸡卷 (RM 22.90)
The roasted chicken is very soft but tender. Every bite has the red dale taste in it.
I had most of this since this dish was the closest to me.

Salmon Salad 熏三文鱼芒果沙拉 (RM 16.90)
This one finished at a split second, everyone love salmon and I can tell you these salmons were fresh from this photo.
Braised Lamb Shank 香草纯羊小排(RM 28.90)
The lamb shank is very well braised with the sauce that comes with it, very nicely cooked and of course the mashed potatoes were nice to eat with the sauce.
Pineapple Chicken Salad 菠萝香酥鸡沙拉 (RM 9.90)
Well, FYI I like pineapple, salad sauce & chicken and I even like the taste of the three combined together. The chicken wasn't too oily at all.

Oyster Shooter 果汁生蚝 (RM 10.90) 
Tomato Celery (red)
Citrus (yellow)
Lemon Grass Lychee (white)
I only had a chance to taste the Tomato Celery Oyster Shooter and the tomato juice taste really good.
For the oyster, I can taste the freshness of it in my throat which somehow kinda yucky!
Not too pricey to pay RM10.90 for three different flavor of Oyster Shooter :)

Teriyaki Chicken Burger 铁烧鸡扒汉堡 (RM 17.90)
I miss eating the Teriyaki Chicken. It is very juicy and the sauce is simply delightful. Just that nobody eat the bread on top or the bottom of it. Too bad the price tag is just too much for an average customer like me to have a teriyaki chicken burger here.

So we are done with the main course and here comes the desserts...

Black Forest Chocolate Cup (RM 13.90)

Profiteros (RM 9.90)
A very normal dessert. Something like cream puff added with chocolate & vanilla sauce in it.

Creme Brulee (RM 10.90)

Tiramisu (RM 14.90)

Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM 10.90)

The Chef - Mr. Jeffrey
A young and talented head chef in Fullhouse, Giza Sunway branch.

Our group photo! Bloggers unite!
I would like to take this opportunity thank Henry Tan who invited me for this wonderful food review and of course the Director of Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe, Mr. Calvin Soo for the warm hospitality.

The end of the food review, my Munkey Ratings are...
*This food review is based on my own humble opinion and taste bud.
Preferences of the food taste are varied/differed from one person to another.

C-2 Giza Sunway Mall,
Jalan PJU5/14, PJU5,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel/Fax: (603) 6141 8075
Website: www.fullhousecafe.com.my
Business Hour : 12pm-11pm
WiFi availability: Yes
Halal: Yes

{UPDATE: This outlet has been closed down since April 2013}

-Peace Out-