Grand Opening En Route to Prom @ KBU [Part 2]

Guten Tag!
(means 'hello' in German)

I'm back with more update from En Route to Prom at Kolej Bandar Utama. It seems like I did not mention the meaning of 'en route' in my previous entry which has cause some misunderstanding. En route actually means, 'on or along the way/road' in French. So it's actually about the road to prom and the most highlighted event of the day is the qualifying Miss KBU 2010!

Check out their blog here!

Below are my 'bad' shots which my camera has produced.
Shooting in a insufficient lighting environment, without an external flash is a very big challenge to me and I only manage to capture a few which I can call it as 'nice' shots (not really) with the help of my prime lens.

As usual, 'command & conquer'... eh eh...
I mean comments & critics are most welcome! :P

First round, the outfit was something trendy & fashionable by Forever21.

Cheryl Wee Choi Teeng

Chen Su Ee

Ruveena ap K. Mohan

Dameli Dautkanova

Cayenne Lim Yen Ching

During the break, some performances by the KBU students.

They were performed the song Nothing On You"by B.O.B & Bruno Mars. I personally like their voice.

The second round, the girls had their dresses on for the catwalk :)

Wee Choi Teeng

Chen Su Ee
The judges seem to like this white dress a lot!

Ruveena ap K. Mohan

Cayenne Lim Yen Ching
Good to wear this on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Gong xi gong xi! :)

It was the 2nd intervals again, one last performance by the KBU students itself.

This pretty awesome & talented beatboxer ~ Malaysian Beatboxer Khisho.

The last round was traditional costume.
Unfortunately, my back up CF card (camera memory card) failed me so I didn't really get any nice photos out of it. I felt disappointed to the max but anyway, here's some footage.

All 8 contestants!

The judges busy writing down the scores...

The MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2007 - Ms Adeline Chin commenting... 
Guess who was the one being commented?

Non other than...

Miss Cayenne Lim!

Have u voted for her? Vote here if u may! :)

Alright, it's time to reveal my settings.
Nikon D200
Nikkor 35mm f1.8
1/30s, f1.8,
ISO: 200-400,
Auto white balance,
Mode: Manual,
Shot: Continuos
Exposure Metering: Spot
Quality: Raw

Thanks you for viewing Part 2.
Part 3 is coming up soon.
Stay tune!