Grand Opening En Route to Prom @ KBU [Final Part]

Hi all!

This was the 2nd day of the Grand Opening En Route to Prom at Kolej Bandar Utama. On the 1st day, 100 pieces of RM90 early bird tickets were totally sold out! Seems like Glorious 20th Anniversary Gala Night and Dinner will be really happening! As what we have seen on the 1st day of the grand opening, the main highlight was the contestants of Miss KBU 2010. The judges of the day were Ms. Elaine from FACES magazine, Ms. Curtney from School of Design and Ms. Anna from the Head of Student Service Department.

The contestants performed contemporary dance, Iranian traditional dance, cheer dance, salsa dance and an educational talk on the 'Art of Seduction'. One contestant did a martial art Taekwando performance. She made a performance on how to do self defence and at the same time break 6 pieces of hard wood with her powerful kicks! I guess that really stunned the crowd, i bet many people jaw's dropped when they saw a girl breaking wood planks with her feet!

Enjoy the photos!

My Canon Powershot G9 recording down the performances!

The decorations around the lobby of KBU :)

The contestants, few moments before the performance started.

Cayenne & Ruveena.

Cayenne with her brother, Ryan.

Once again, the contestants have prepared themselves for the performance sessions.

Followed by a cheer dance...

Wee Choi Teeng is a formal member of Cyclon.

Then, some a** kicking actions by Ruveena a/p K. Mohan.

 It's Taekwando!

Although she look weak on the external but don't pray pray... she can easily beat the hell out of you!
So beware guys, especially the perverts and heartbreakers! :P

The gorgeous Dameli Dautkanova did an educational talk on the 'Art of Seduction'.

Art of seductions involved some Salsa dancing skills here! :)

Last but not least...

The duo, Cayenne and her brother, Ryan doing the Salsa dance.

Cayenne, standing face to face to the three judges during the comment session.

Do check out the video that I have recorded during the performance.

Well done to all the contestants!

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All the best to all contestants!