Hooi Nee 'The Stitch' Photoshoot

Hi all!

I'm truly sorry for posting out a really outdated entry which I am supposed to post it up like 2 months back but due to my work commitment, now is the only time I get to post this up!

 I first met this girl, Hooi Nee (who dressed up in a Stitch costume >..<) at the LG Cookie Monster Party which happened on the 24th Jul 2010 at Neutral Club, Jln P. Ramlee. She's a young, outgoing and friendly person who blogs at http://lamhooinee.blogspot.com/

Here's some of her photos.
Check it out and do drop me some comments/critics!






Guest appearance, Mr. Henry Tan.
(Today is his birthday! So happy birthday!)

If you are interested in outdoor or indoor photography shoot. Do let me know!

-Peace Out-